Bii wows with singing in four different languages for concert

QQ: Bii kicks holds concert in Hong Kong with great sincerity, shows off four languages and wows the crowd


Bii held a concert in Kowloon on Nov. 23, drawing fans from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines.
– He performed almost 30 songs in Chinese, Korea, English, and Cantonese, making everyone think they received great value for their tickets

Bii kicked things off with an electronic medley and then started chatting with fans in Cantonese.
– He asked shyly after a few sentences if people could understand him and fans screamed back, “It’s perfect!”
– When he sang more rock songs, he also encouraged fans not to be shy and feel free to scream and shout, or jump up and down to partake in the concert atmosphere

He also brought his two juniors Ian Chen and Dino Lee as special guests, and specifically practiced Hong Kong classics for the local fans.
– He expressed that because his dad was in the movie industry, Bii liked to watch Hong Kong films since young

It was Ian Chen’s first trip to Hong Kong, and he was greeted with a gift of a transparent, rainbow color shifting electronic violin as soon as he landed.
– Ian asked the fan incredulously, “Are you sure? This is for me?” and had expressed that, “I’d thought no one would know me and was embarking on this trip as a brand new adventure.”

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