Liu Meilin lends her voice for “Moana” and sings for soundtrack

QQ: Liu Meilin lends her voice for “Moana”, see you in theaters on Nov. 25?


After skyrocketing to popularity in “Heroes of Remix” when working with Harlem Yu and Wang Leehom, Liu Meilin has been the focus of much attention online and on Weibo.
– When the “Moana” production team was searching for the Chinese voiceover, Liu Meilin’s beautiful and high soprano voice, and her previous experience in broadcasting made her their first choice
– Her experimentation in music was a great match for Moana’s personality of chasing after her dreams

Apart from voicing Moana, Liu Meilin will also be singing one of the songs in the soundtrack and filming a MV for it as well.

Also from “Heroes of Remix”, Jike Junyi will be singing the title track for the movie.

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