Luhan was the most searched for celebrity in 2015 & start of Wish Season 2

Sina: Amazing! Luhan tops search engine results!


The Chinese Research Center of Journalism and Social Development recently released the “Structure of Netizen Produced Messages and Emotional Values” (cpoplove translated title) and saw that Luhan was the most searched for name in 2015, with Jay Chou and Zhang Jie as first and second runner up.
– Up to November, 2016, Luhan hashtags have broken 90 billion messages and Luhan has become the first celebrity to reach this figure
– He’s previously received the Guinness World Record for “Most Comments on a Weibo Post”
– The number of his Instagram followers have also broken 6 million, making him the first Asian celebrity to amass more than six million followers

In terms of music, after “Catch Me When I Fall” was released from his new album “Experience”, the number of fans discussing his song broke 10 million within 13 hours.
– He also topped the iTunes charts for Taiwan for several weeks in a row
– “Medals” also topped the American Billboard charts for a week after release


Sina: Luhan wish season 2.0 arrives, upgraded version brings anticipation for Thanksgiving


Luhan’s studio recently announced the beginning of “Luhan’s Wish Season 2.0”.
– This started when Luhan chatted with a fan in Iraq, and the fan was incredibly touched to receive Luhan’s words of encouragement and comfort when trying to live in a war torn environment
– Due to the inspiration received from this matter, Luhan started “Luhan Wish Season” in 2015, hoping to use words to express gratitude, resolution, and the joy of helping others

The hashtags of “Luhan Wish Season” broke 2 billion shortly after this post, with the activity running for seven weeks.
– Luhan will use various themes to fulfill fan wishes and the previous brands and platforms he’s worked with will also engage in a variety of fan activities as well

The themes will span family relationships, love, friendship, work, and life as well as other areas.


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  • Nel

    he’s so frighteningly popular 😭

  • L.A_21

    That ‘Luhan Wish Season’ sounds a good idea. I wonder if Luhan Studio official YT channel will post some video of it.

    And even before, when Luhan was still in EXO, I’m pretty he’s the most popular member either No.1 or No.2 along with Kai so it’s not that surprising if he’s still popular. The only bad thing about it is if there are sasaengs that still following him or if they increase in numbers after he got even more popular coz I remember that Luhan got mad before at the Taxi driver which carries his ‘sasaeng’ fans. But I’m afraid that Luhan is too nice for that matter coz instead of getting mad to his fans who keeps following him, he got mad to the Taxi driver instead.

  • Barabessa

    get that love lulu

  • Qiyue

    Go Luhan!~ <3
    And the wish thing sounds pretty sweet!~ I'm sure he'll touch more fans and give them hope <3