Wang Cho-Iam sweetly celebrates his wife’s birthday on Weibo

Weibo: Wang Cho-Iam’s Weibo


Hong Kong stage actor, director, host, and TV actor Wang Cho-Iam sweetly celebrated wife Leanne Li’s birthday on Weibo today, posting the cute post above”

Apologies to all my clients, it’s my wife’s birthday, so I refused all work!

Apologies to all my friends, it’s my wife’s birthday, so I’m not going to anything you ask me out to!

Apologies to all my fans, it’s my wife’s birthday, so I’m not responding to all messages!

Apologies to my dear wife, I only have today to spend with you at home!

Happy birthday!



Netizens comment below: 

[+2,068] Happy birthday [爱你]

[+156] Leanne Leanne, happy birthday![好愛哦] Best wishes for your health, it’s also my grandpa’s 85th birthday today [乾杯]  I hope grandpa has a great birthday and is always healthy

[+85] Your manager took that picture for you?

[+56] Happy birthday to Leanne! Always be happy with Cho-Iam

[+50] You’re a great man and a great man is you. Happy birthday to Leanne! I wish you hundreds of years of happiness, like me if you agree!

[+47] So good! I wish you happiness!

[+42] Happy birthday 

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  • L.A_21

    TBH He’s not that attractive as a man but reading his message I can tell that he is a good man. It’s better to have a husband like that than having a husband that looks attractive but has a tendency to cheat on you like what recent news of ‘marriage cheating’ sounds like.

    Happy birthday and have a happy marriage life.

  • Gabbar Singh