[Updated] Fan Wei, Zhou Dongyu and Ma Sichun take home “Best Actor” and “Best Actresses” from the Golden Horse Awards

QQ: Complete list of winners for the 53rd Golden Horse Awards


Fan Wei was awarded Best Actor, Zhou Dongyu and Ma Sichun dually awarded Best Actress, “The Summer is Gone” awarded Best Film of the Year.


Cnetz comment below:

[+1,989] This year’s awards were one of the worst in history. Trying to pick from the least rotten out of all the bad apples in the bunch

[+1,288] Fan Bingbing’s skills could’ve won the Golden Horse Awards, what a pity…

[+915] Let’s guess how much money Fan Bingbing is going to spend to buy this award

[+831] There was no reason behind these awards. What’s the point in paying attention to the Golden Horse Awards?

[+594] That the actress with the worst acting skills in history, Zhou Dongyu, could’ve won Best Actress means that these judges don’t know anything! Are they seeing how far they can challenge the audience?

[+235] To be honest, there was reason behind Fan Wei and Feng Xiaogang winning their awards. It’s normal for everyone to fight about Fan Bingbing, but that Zhou Dongyu won it, even the birds will cry from laughing too hard

[+225] Who judged these awards? Do the audience agree? This is just a tool for your own amusement, don’t bring it out to talk about them!

[+146] You guys are really worked up over this. Who cares who wins? It’s not like we’ll get any more money. I haven’t gone into a movie theater for years, you can watch it all online for free



QQ: Zhou Dongyu and Ma Sichun kiss on the red carpet after receiving the Golden Horse Award


[+1,020] The hell. Ever since Zhou Dongyu won best actress, I feel like there’s no love in the Golden Horse Awards

[+752] I feel like the two of them haven’t filmed anything good or many movies! I haven’t seen them in theaters often, but I rather see them often in variety shows

[+613] Do they know that they can buy awards like these in China? Zhou Dongyu’s acting skills are so crap and is Best Actress! I must be drunk!

[+580] Anyone can be Best Actress now

[+360] This movie was built on the wrong premise. Since their relationship was this good, why steal their husband and be a mistress?

[+280] Let’s forget about awards like these, if even Zhou Dongyu can receive an award, these awards are meaningless

[+128] You have no acting skills at all, why was the award given to you? Thick face! This industry is becoming more and more ridiculous! Why isn’t the Best Actress Fan Bingbing?




QQ: Stars on the red carpet, Fan Bingbing shows off her legs, Shu Qi her chest

Taiwan’s 53rd Golden Horse Awards took place on Nov. 26 with a red carpet taking place before the award ceremony. More pictures in the original link above.


Chinese actresses Zhou Dongyu and Ma Sichun.


Taiwanese actress Hsu Weining.


Fan Bingbing


Shu Qi.


Cnetz comment below:

[+167] Bingbing’s face is beautiful, Shu Qi’s body is great

[+149] Fan Bingbing is so beautiful

[+85] Fan Bingbing’s legs are so beautiful

[+85] I support Bingbing!

[+74] Always this beautiful!

[+59] Did Bingbing not get an award? What a pity

[+59] Do you know why all of Bingbing’s haters are male? It’s because they can’t get her!

[+50] She’s (Fan Bingbing) beautiful alright, but she lacks a bit of acting skills and feels like someone who got popular thanks to online activities

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