Stefanie Sun apologizes for abnormal performance during Golden Horse Awards

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Taiwan’s 53rd Golden Horse Awards were held on Nov. 26, with many well known artists invited to perform.

Stephanie Sun performed “Our World” abnormally during tonight’s Golden Horse Awards, to which her recording label has responded, “We prepared for two months after receiving the Golden Horse Invite, discussing the song selection, production, band practice, etc. with the music director. We also researched movies related to children and put forth a lot of effort into this performance. The reporters discovered she was sick when we were rehearsing yesterday, and she admitted that she’d been sick since Monday but still came to Taiwan following her original plan, only hoping to do her best! We hope everyone can support these efforts and have the same mindset as the other audience members, that we are all here in support of the Golden Horse Awards. We hope this light isn’t extinguished.


Netizens comment below:

[+264] It was a train wreck

[+159] Mistakes are inevitable if you’re human, but isn’t personal attacks too much? We accept objective criticism, but who gave you the right to mince words and step on someone like you’re a judge? Stefanie Sun’s skills aren’t something you can judge one based on one or two performances, and always judging performances by pitch — can you truly feel the emotions within the song? I hope Stefanie Sun’s emotions aren’t affected, love you

[+78] If you doubt her ability to sing because of one sickness, then you’re not a fan and don’t say you like her. She performed when she wasn’t feeling her best, and the most important thing is that we thank her for performing after resting for a year. We thank her for her support of the Golden Horse Awards. True fans will understand her and support her  

[+60] It was crappy singing, so admit it was. What’s with all these excuses. Trash, stop embarrassing yourself. Trying to make yourself popular with that train wreck?

[+29] I see a lot of people hating on Stefanie Sun saying that it was a train wreck. Everyone, Stefanie was very sick and still prepared very hard, trying to control things. She tried her best, and although it wasn’t her best, please don’t personally attack her. Those who are hating on her, how many of you have listened to her live? She’s still the wonderful Stefanie Sun, you’re not a fan so you don’t have to listen, but please don’t slander her, you’re not worthy!

[+23] Making mistakes is better than lip syncing, rest well

 Stefanie Sun’s performance during the 53rd Golden Horse Awards.



[Updated] QQ: Stefanie Sun’s Golden Horse Awards performance was a “train wreck”, responds “did my best when sick”

[+1,965] This means she sang seriously and didn’t fake it!

[+1,795] At least she sang live and didn’t hold the microphone upside down

[+910] You’re still the best!

[+831] I’m only impressed with Jolin Tsai’s live

[+496] So professional. It was obvious that her voice was the sticky, gooey mess we feel when we’re sick. And she could hold out for that long! I support her!

[+342] Real fans won’t leave you, who cares about the fake fans

[+339] It seems that every artist sings off pitch because they’re sick

[+286] Just push everything to being sick if you didn’t perform well. Worst excuse ever

[+273] She’s the idol of my life and I feel so badly for her. Yanzi is the best! Invincible!

[+171] The haters act like stars can’t get sick. They switch work environments so often and can never have a steady schedule. If it was us, we’d get sick too if it was cold and hot and we couldn’t rest well. Why can’t they get sick

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  • It’s a shame that she worked so hard preparing for that performance and then gets sick. It seems like that’s happened to everyone at least once.

    [+23] Making mistakes is better than lip syncing, rest well
    This person gets it lol.