Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng celebrate daughter’s birthday

QQ: Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng celebrate their daughter’s birthday, the family of four cut the cake together


Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi posted pictures of them celebrating their daughter’s birthday on Nov. 25.

Wang Feng’s Weibo post:

Xixi baby, it’s your 11th birthday! I’ve seen you become happier these years and liking to smile more, with more light and happiness blossoming in your eyes. You’re a mature and generous girl now, mom and dad are proud of you! Happy birthday, our daughter…

Zhang Ziyi shared the post shortly afterwards:

All of us are happy when we see our children smile! Be happy everyday baby!


Cnetz comment below:

[+8,289] I have to say that Zhang Ziyi is a good wife

[+7,933] She’s doing a wonderful job as a stepmother, always be happy!

[+5,986] Zhang Ziyi knows how to be a person. She’s a woman with EQ and IQ!

[+4,163] Your daughter is really pretty, great visuals! A child’s smile isn’t fake, my blessings for you!

[+3,161] I didn’t think much about them before but now that I see them so happy, I wish them the best

[+1,760] Your ex-wife is on the way…

[+835] Your birth mom is on the way to come and dish out some damage…

[+721] I rather like Wang Feng and his songs. He’s a very honest, real, and open individual


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  • L.A_21

    Pretty girl. I don’t look that pretty when I’m younger. lol