G.E.M. truly pours her heart and soul into her performances

QQ: Slideshow: G.E.M. pours too much of herself into her performances and her expressions really conquer people


QQ shared a slideshow of G.E.M.’s more exaggerated expressions. Please find more pictures in the original link.


Cnetz comment below:

[+1,384] Journalist, come here. I promise not to beat you to death

[+946] What? What era are we in that people are still wearing black stockings?

[+605] Her height is a bit short, her legs are a bit thick

[+280] GEM, what are you wearing??

[+202] What happened to her legs?

[+160] I don’t understand why she’s known for her singing skills? Her nasal tone is too apparent when she sings

[+57] G.E.M.’s singing is perfectly fine. How dare you guys talk about her looks?

[+36] Pouring their heart and soul into a song is what makes a good singer. It’s not like she’s walking down a catwalk. Enough!

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