‘Kimi’ Qiao Renliang honored at the Golden Horse Awards

QQ: Golden Horse Awards honored those who had passed on, Qiao Renliang’s tribute moves people to tears


The Golden Horse Awards regularly have a portion set aside to honor the movie figures who have passed on.
– This year, in the 53rd annual awards, Xia Meng, Zhuang Nu, and Qiao Renliang were projected on the big screen
– Qiao Renliang once acted in “Please Call Me a Hero”, and his work in this film was called out in remembrance (above)

Shu Qi and Kwai Lunmei were amongst others shedding tears in the audience for those being honored.


Cnetz react below:

[+3,678] I very rarely discuss actors, but Qiao Renliang was really great and worked really hard! Some things are created by people with ulterior motives. I hope you are having a good life in the other world…

[+1,896] It’s a pity that you’ll never see that you won an award. You were such a good talent and left just like this…

[+1,374] I miss him very much, I know we all do

[+1,063] Qiao Renliang was a very polite person, and there is only too much pain and regret over his passing. However people looked at him or talked about him is all intangible. I only know that his personality is upright, he was kind, he was righteous, and he had a charitable heart! May you find heaven!

[+891] The most regretful thing is that time cannot be turned back. If we could, he was hale and hearty on Sept. 16, and only two months laters, it’s as if we haven’t seen him for several centuries. He is so far away from us and it’s really difficult to describe the pain in my heart. Why was his departure so painful for us left behind

[+457] Mr. Qiao Renliang, you were so full of light, cute, kind, and funny. Why did you choose to end your life? We’ll never know how much pain was behind your smiling face. I so wish that you were joking with everyone. My heart hurts so much whenever I remember this that I can barely breath. I really wish you were alive and well, and that the Sept. 16 news about you weren’t true

[+384] I watched an episode of his latest drama but couldn’t continue after the first episode! I cried so hard I couldn’t see the faces on the screen


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