“The Princess Wei Young” accused of plagiarizing 200+ different novels

Sina: “The Princess Wei Young” accused of using software to copy from 219 novels


Since the immensely popular drama “The Princess Wei Young” (derived from the web novel with the same name) started airing in November, accusations of plagiarism have abounded.
– The written work was actually accused of plagiarism in 2013 with scores of volunteers using three years to put together a list that denotes how only 9 chapters out of the 294 chapter novel are original
– The copied content has to do with various romance, sci-fi, and history novels

The volunteer spokesperson said that “we compared author Xiao Xiang’s work to a lot of other authors on XXSY (cpoplove note: the original website that “The Princess Wei Young” was published on) and discovered that many parts of the novel was plagiarized.
– The volunteers said that in order to protect original work, they created a Weibo account to specifically deal with accusations of plagiarism

None of the accusations of plagiarism stopped the novel from selling its rights and being adapted for TV.
– When the marketing hype grew louder, so did its controversy and many screenwriters and authors started raising their voice in protest
– “The Princess Wei Young” TV drama screenwriter Wang Hailin participated in the crowdfunding for 100,000 RMB to raise funds to sue the written work’s authors

IP lawyers say that this will not be a straightforward case to judge.
– From the legal aspect, the novel and the TV drama must be treated separately. It also has to be determined just how much of the novel the drama used, how much of it was incorporated into the script, broadcasted, and how much of it ingrained on the 200+ other novels
– The impact to the TV drama will yet to be determined, based on how judgment is passed on the novel

Readers have said that the written work concludes a small arc every two, three chapters.
– Each small arc is actually an alleged copy of another book

When the accusations first surfaced in February of 2013, author Qin Jian had responded to netizens that they were talking about “descriptive word usage. You’d be able to find similar usage in any author’s works.”

The volunteer spokesperson sighed that, “plagiarism is a real issue in the online web novel world now.”
– He’d started reading online web novels since 2006 and has seen authors stop writing out of protest due to being enraged from theft of their material
– As to why people copy, a large part of it is due to instability of incomes from web novels
– Authors need to do a 40/60 or 50/50 split with their hosting websites, and they earn 3 cents every 1,000 words written
– Some books even have a free period for the initial 1 or 2 months, so the author wouldn’t start earning money until about 20,000 words in

The volunteers had contacted screenwriter Wang Hailin for aid, and the screenwriter was absolutely shocked by the depths of the plagiarism, promptly putting together a 100,000 RMB donation for the legal fees.

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  • silvermaoh

    what a shame, but the drama is still really good

  • thisco

    This reminds me of how students would copy and combine paragraphs from different sources so they wouldn’t get caught for plagiarizing.

    • L.A_21

      Yes esp. in Thesis or Case Analysis.

  • Gabbar Singh

    Oh god, “9 chapters out of the 294 chapter novel are original”? Damn….

  • L.A_21

    Can China can’t produced original story for historical tv series? It’s the historical tv series who is always prone for plagiarizing controversy.

    • Domo

      This plagarism concerns the novel, not the drama. Also the drama is so different from the novel it’s hardly based off it. The only thing that’s similar is character names, even the plot is different.

  • Yoonbread

    This show was garbage anyway…