Body double controversy continues, now suspected that Yang Yang is scapegoat for true culprit

QQ: The mess of body doubles: taking 100 million RMB and using body doubles after filming for two days


Since Yang Yang has been accused of not filming his works himself and only using body doubles, producer Anthony LaMolinara from movie “Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” has also posted in support of Yang Yang’s professionalism.
– He revealed that Yang Yang was grievously injured when filming the movie due to being hauled up on wires. His arms were covered with bruises and it hurt to even touch it
– “I never posted these pictures because I didn’t want people to worry or point fingers. But to keep quiet when others are profiting off of such a hardworking, professional actor would be aiding tyranny. Because I’ve personally experienced it, I stand by my words and believe that there is good in this world…”

The team of “Martial Universe” have said that accusations of Yang Yang using a double to film for three days in a row were a false accusation, but judging from the numbers of news articles about Yang Yang lately, it seemed that he was being used as a scapegoat for the true person in question.

Netizens have also mentioned however that “the manager herself has admitted doubles were used, why did the cast post and say Yang Yang filmed everything himself? =”
– Other netizens point to all of this being a huge media play for the drama

Notable producer He Jin mentioned in a recent interview that two large stars currently filming dramas took 1 million RMB as compensation and only spent two days filming, using doubles for the rest of their scenes.
– Screenwriter Wang Hailin also said with resignation that, “If you go to Hengdian, you’ll see how many doubles there are in the streets. Some stars use doubles to film more than half of their scenes. Doubles are usually there for backup, and they often don’t get to act because it’s not often that something happens to the original actor/actress.”

Many celebrities also denounced the proliferation of body doubles.
– Jackie Chan mentioned that “many popular actors and actresses use doubles to finish their work. They only lend their faces for a few close ups in the entire movie.”
– Veteran actor Zhang Guangbei mentioned that once, “a young fresh meat working with me never showed up to the film site and used doubles for all the scenes. On the rare occasion he showed up, he carelessly filmed 70 or so scenes that day and earned 1 million RMB.”

There were others that felt that using body doubles was a common and acceptable practice.
– Actors and actresses often run into highly dangerous or difficult scenes in their line of work. Directors worried that they wouldn’t be able to finish the scene, which was what gave rise to doubles in the first place
– Andy Lau is one such actor who has openly taken pictures with his doubles before, entertaining fans on how alike they were
– Industry insiders also point to the large insurance amounts on the cast. If any of the cast is injured, then the losses to the production team would be unimaginable!

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Cnetz weigh in below:

[+6,880] It’s already a negative feedback cycle now. There are fewer and fewer people with actual skills. Young fresh meat are everywhere and their acting is too fake

[+4,697] This is very normal! Celebrities are king in China and they all think they’re something!

[+4,177] The hell, using a body double for a romance film. No wonder Jackie Chan is the only actor to receive international recognition

[+3,471] We want good works and not visuals! Get the hell out if you don’t want to act!

[+2,527] Who gave them that much payment? Do they have the right to take it?

[+1,939] What a sissy, wuss look to him!

[+1,087] This is why China can never win an Oscar. Many currently popular actor/actresses make a big deal out of their visuals and have no acting skills

[+952] I only acknowledge Jackie Chan for not using body doubles!

[+752] Korea is full of hot guys with good acting skills. China has a ton of ugly guys with good acting skills, hot guys with no acting skills. I wish we were like Korea and could train young fresh meat with good acting skills. After all, we still like good looking male leads

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  • [+752] Korea is full of hot guys with good acting skills. China has a ton of ugly guys with good acting skills, hot guys with no acting skills. I wish we were like Korea and could train young fresh meat with good acting skills. After all, we still like good looking male leads

    Lol there are plenty of actors in Korea who are just a pretty face with sub-par acting abilities…

    • Nel

      that comment is a fucking joke i’m cackling 😹

      • cpoplove

        I know right, I died laughing when I saw that.

    • Camila Isabel Mendoza

      But I still think Korean actors are really really good since they don’t dub and everything must be done perfectly.
      China dub their movies (most of the times, and drama too) and it’s a bad thing because, it’s hard to know if an actor/actress is good or not (since we can only judge their facial expression).
      I don’t like it when chinese dub their movies or drama….it sound too unatural and too fake.

      • yourunnie

        Dubbing is neccessary tho because each region has its own accent. They need to use standard accent.

  • L.A_21

    I think using body doubles is fine if the scene is an action-packed scene but in others, I don’t think it’s necessary.