Guo Jingming has allegedly broken up with Cheney Chen for a young fresh meat

QQ: Guo Jingming cusses and denies new relationship for young fresh meat, doesn’t say anything about breaking up with Cheney Chen


Guo Jingming is a Chinese YA writer. In addition to being an author and businessperson, Guo is also a teen pop idol and popular celebrity figure. On the other hand, Guo is a polarizing figure. (source: Wikipedia)

Chen Xuedong, born 28 June 1990, also known as Cheney Chen is a Chinese actor and singer. He is noted for his role as Zhou Chongguang in the Tiny Times franchise. (source: Wikipedia)

Weibo “Gossip Girl” account revealed today that Guo Jingming had broken up with Cheney Chen for a young fresh meat — Wang Duo.
– The account further said that Wang Duo and Guo Jingming listed the same address as their work address and had watched a midnight move together
– It further speculated that Cheney Chen had just wrapped up filming “Rush to the Dead Summer” with Zheng Shuang, but had posted an odd Weibo post, therefore proving that Guo Jingming was paying attention only to this young fresh meat

Guo Jingming responded at 3am on Nov. 29 denying these allegations and said that Wang Duo was his colleague.
– He further said (above) that “if I have any relations with him beyond the parameters of friends and work, my entire family will die and I’ll be hit by a car when I step outside my house”
– However, he didn’t comment on the rumors of him breaking up with Cheney Chen


Cnetz comment below: 

[+746] Cheney Chen is gay? I have no idea what’s going on

[+444] What? He’s gay?

[+393] He’s gay? This is news to me

[+138] No worries, love who you will. You won’t have any female fans being sad over you

[+80] Cheney Chen is rather good looking, it’d be a pity if he’s gay

[+19] Since you want to swear, why don’t you swear to what’s going on between you and Cheney Chen then!

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  • Lol I was confused at first because I didn’t know Cheney was gay either. I hope this guy isn’t cheating and playing with Cheney and Wang Duo.

  • Lula

    they always had had a weird relationship but i didnt know that everyone think they are boyfriends i mean yes i thought that they are together from one moment but holy s… they really are together??? and everyone is okay with that?

  • L.A_21

    O_O I mean, I always have the feeling that Guo Jingming can either be gay or bi but Chen Xuedong too? I’m more shocked they are an item than GJM having a new eye candy.

  • Nel

    wait, since when are they together djkdkdk