Lin Chiling maintains a professional smile even when taken advantage of

QQ: Poor sister Chiling! Still maintains a smile even when being groped around the waist


Lin Chiling appeared at a hotel in Shanghai earlier today, standing by the window deep in thought.
– A group of senior executives came over to ask for a picture, and she agreed with a smile
– However, one of the men took advantage to place his arm around her waist and hold her hand, but she still didn’t lose her professional smile


Cnetz comment below:

[+13,077] She looks so resigned and sad in the last picture, like a call girl on the streets…

[+5,873] She should be used to dealing with situations like these

[+3,414] I can only say that she likes money too much. She has no boyfriend at forty years old and keeps taking on CFs, always placing money first. There are celebrities who like money but  place family first, such as Barbie Hsu

[+2,938] She looks so tired in the last picture, I’m sure she doesn’t like work events like these

[+2,233] Which famous woman is clean~

[+1,087] All pretty women are more popular at work! This is a pro and a con

[+616] That someone is harassing her at such an advanced age, she should be feeling quite good and bursting with smiles

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  • [+616] That someone is harassing her at such an advanced age, she should be feeling quite good and bursting with smiles

    This pisses me off. Just because she’s older (and 40 isn’t old, let’s be real) she should not have to deal with perverted men in lust with her body just to make a living. For people to think that’s as well as she can because of her age is sad and disrespectful. People want others to respect them because it’s them but they don’t have the same consideration for others.

    This is one of the times where I kind of understand Korea’s manner hands thing. Yeah it looks awkward but at the same time it does help to prevent inappropriate touching by entitled pervs like this guy.

  • L.A_21

    Her smile looks fake though. I bet she’s boiling inside like how she wants to stay away from that guy fast but then again I think she only act nice because it’s an executive and kinda have more power than her. Sucks but that’s the reality.