Netizens are shocked over Deng Jiajia’s face transformation

QQ: Deng Jiajia’s huge face transformation, her chin can poke people to death


Deng Jiajia is a Chinese actress. Deng is noted for playing Tang Youyou in the romantic comedy television series IPartment, which enjoyed the highest ratings in China when it was broadcast. (Source: Wikipedia)

Deng Jiajia appeared at a movie event today, and netizens commented that her face was too stiff and her chin too pointy.


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+4,526] Wasn’t she like this since IPartment? I feel like her chin was always pointy

[+3,084] She looks the same as before

[+1,256] I feel like she hasn’t changed much… it’s just a matter of angle

[+562] She looks the same as before. Does the journalist get a headache if they don’t accuse someone of something everyday?

[+461] She’s the same as before, always posing from the side or with exaggerated expressions. That’s all she has…

[+362] She used to be so pretty, sigh

[+344] She hasn’t changed I think, just that her hair got longer?

[+253] That doesn’t seem too stiff?

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  • While her chin does look pointy, it’s more then likely just the angle the pictures was taken at.