Nick Chou’s album “REAL” achieves eye catching results

Yahoo News: The intersection of speed and passion! Nick Chou super happy to meet his goddess


Nick Chou released his first album in four years, “REAL”, after joining Sun Entertainment Culture Limited earlier this year.
– His music style and production quality were greatly acknowledged and loved by the public and he has been achieving eye catching results for sales and various rankings

Title track “So Handsome We Broke Up” (cpoplove translation, not official) has topped various digital charts and his MV has broken 7 million views in three months.
– His second track “Turn Up” has also garnered more than 2 million hits, and has topped the charts for three weeks straight for Taiwan’s most popular radio station

Due to the warm reception of “REAL”, Nick Chou’s popularity has been rising and he has been receiving many event invitations.
– Sun Entertainment Culture Limited plans on having him based in Taiwan and expand into Asia
– He recently participated in the Sun Entertainment’s “63rd Macau Grand Prix” along with Shu Qi, Miriam Yeung, Louis Too, Shawn Due, and Lynn Hung
– He was very excited to be so close to the track and mentioned that he’d liked sports cars since young
– He drove Go Karts often in elementary school and was so good that amateur race teams wanted to train him

However, his mother was afraid that he would drive at a high speed and so didn’t allow him to drive.
– “Even when I was attending school in the States, my mom arranged for me to live across the school so that I had no chances to drive. So I still have no license even until now, and that’s formed my habit of walking very fast.”
– “I watched F1 racing in the States and felt that racing was very cool and awesome. There was a car that flipped over halfway through and I was very worried for the driver because the car was on fire. It was a good thing that he crawled out afterwards. I really admire racers.”

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