Zhao Liying looks like a goddess in a white dress

QQ: Zhao Liying’s white dress makes her look like a goddess, her fair skin were so eye catching


Zhao Liying attended an event on Nov. 29, her white dress and fair skin made her look like a goddess.


Cnetz comment below:

[+1,586] I love my Liying

[+1,550] She’s so pretty

[+1,094] What a cute babyface, she looks like a child

[+608] Actresses who rely on their skills basically don’t wear revealing clothing when attending events

[+595] Getting two whitening shots a year, drinking collagen over a long period of time… you too can be fair and pale

[+412] What goddess? She looks so ordinary

[+398] Botox face girl

[+327] An actress that has only one expression


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  • silvermaoh

    Loved her dress. ZLY is actually a really good actress. I have seen her play a variety of roles.

  • L.A_21

    She kinda look like Jang Nara to me. I really thought it’s Jang Nara at first. lol

  • disqus_AdlpiWs4WQ

    Zhao Li Ying
    – Can act well
    – Good Personality
    – Pretty
    – What else do you need?