Coulee Nazha looks remarkably like Zhang Hanyue with short hair

QQ: Slideshow: Coulee Nazha looks more and more like Zhang Hanyue with her short hair


Coulee Nazha recently appeared in Hong Kong for an event, showing off her new hairstyle.


Netizens remarked that she looked very similar to Zhang Hanyue (below).



Cnetz comment below:

[+3,474] Those who are calling them ugly, I wish you had enough money to buy a mirror and look at yourself

[+2,435] I’ve seen so many comments say that she’s ugly, look at yourself first!

[+2,030] I took a close look at the comments. Those who say her ears are ugly and that she’s ugly are all women!!!! A woman’s jealousy is simply too strong

[+2,007] Her ears aren’t suitable for short hair. It’s better if she grows out her hair to cover her ears…

[+1,058] …are these monkey ears?

[+831] Are those who are saying she’s ugly blind, or are their heart’s blind? No matter how much you hate someone, you still must admit to someone’s pros.

[+675] Becoming uglier and uglier, so of course they look more and more alike!

[+610] Long lost brothers!

[+387] She actually looks like Xie Na to me

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  • annalynna

    I like it, it suits her face . I didn’t even notice the ears until they pointed it out.