Dino Lee and Esther Wu team up for remake of “It Started With a Kiss”

Yahoo News: Dino Lee kisses Esther Wang strongly, laughter is often heard on set of the remake


(From left to right) Dino Lee, Esther Wang, Kung Yiteng, Wei Lunxi

The remake of “It Started with a Kiss” held a premiere showing on December 1 in Taipei.
– The remake’s official name is “Miss In Kiss 2016”
– Male lead Dino Lee and female lead Esther Wang kissed through a plastic screen, with Dino Lee grabbing hold of Esther Wang’s neck in a very manly move
– Esther expressed her awkwardness afterwards and also worried that Dino Lee’s fans wouldn’t be happy
– Dino was unconcerned on the side, “Just do it if we’re going to kiss, it’s more awkward if we take things slow”

Dino recalled that in their first scene, Esther was very nervous but Dino wasn’t at all.
– However, he’d been too vested in the scene and didn’t hear the director yell “cut”, continuing to kiss Esther
– Esther laughed that Dino must’ve bribed the director
– Dino has to play it cool in the drama, but often breaks out laughing in real life. “I bit my lips to the point of almost bleeding to prevent myself from laughing.”

Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin’s “It Started with a Kiss” was a classic, and remake cast members Dino Lee, Esther Wang, Kung Yiteng, Wei Lunxi admitted to a significant amount of pressure due to this.
– Some netizens expressed that “the male lead is too ugly, so ugly that I’m not going to watch the drama” when the trailer was released
– Dino smiled and said he didn’t mind, that he was more worried about everyone’s reviews of the drama and hoped that the audience would treat it as a new drama and not a remake

Trailer for “Miss in Kiss 2016”

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