Hannah Quinlivan rumored to be pregnant again

QQ: Hannah threw up twice when filming variety show, wan face seems to indicate second pregnancy


Many media sources reported lately that Hannah’s stomach was slightly rounded and she was wearing flats.
– Speculation is high that she is pregnant again, and the latest rumors are that she threw up twice in a recent variety filming

Host Feng Fei asked surreptitiously, “Did she go out to throw up again?”
– When one of the other hosts couldn’t find Hannah, they also asked, “Did sister Hannah go take a phone call or go throw up?”
– Hannah’s face was wan and pale that day, and she seemed very uncomfortable
– Hannah also mentioned during filming that her goal for the next year was to have a child


Cnetz weigh in below: 

[+2,989] Hannah is the true winner in life. She has Jay Chou’s love and her mother-in-law’s love as well. Haters stop envying them. You guys can do it too

[+721] Congratulations to Jay Chou if this is true!

[+639] I threw up a lot when I had my first child, but forgot about the pain when the scars formed. I hope your second child is heathy and well

[+519] Why work so hard? You can earn money after you rest well from your first pregnancy

[+228] Jay Chou’s sex drive is like a bull’s

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  • L.A_21

    [+228] Jay Chou’s sex drive is like a bull’s

    OMG! lmao Congrats if it’s true. XD