Slideshow: these female celebrities have “magically” changing chests

QQ: They hold the fate of their chests in their hands, their breasts suddenly grow bigger and smaller

QQ recently posted a 23 picture slideshow comparing before and after pictures of various female celebrities’ chests.


Li Xiaolu.


Lin Chiling.


Sun Li.


Joe Chen.


Ady An.


Cnetz comment below:

[+1,640] If you push your chest together, even the smallest breasts will have cleavage

[+891] Lee Xiaolu’s is the fakest…

[+756] Zheng Shuang has already admitted that hers are padded, alright? She’s different from those who don’t admit to it!

[+757] Nothing to get worked up over! This has everything to do with your bra, whether or not they push inwards or have foam inside! I’m 34D but I wear super thin or bras with iron rings now, so my breasts look very normal! But if I wear ones with foam or push inwards, then my chest looks huge! But I still think comfort and health is most important! Exerting too much pressure looks impressive but isn’t healthy…

[+265] A woman’s chest was a very private area to begin with, but now they’re paraded all beneath the sun. They’re not selling their skills, but their flesh!

[+234] It’s a matter of their bras. Zheng Shuang doesn’t actually have a chest, and those with children will naturally have flabby breasts

[+88] The journalist is both uncultured and ignorant. A woman’s breasts change before and after childbirth, and the effect will be different based on how they wear their bras. Apart from the ones that were obviously using clothes to create cleavage, everyone can create cleavage if they try hard enough. The journalist is complete clickbait

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  • silvermaoh

    I will give them childbirth, but I dont know of a bra that will give you so much cleavage tbh

    • L.A_21

      I think so too even it’s wonder bra/push up bra. If your boobs is like 32A/32B, it will definitely not look like 36A/36B or even 38A/38B esp with the cleavage part.

      • silvermaoh

        i think you meant 32A cant look 36C/36D with push up

        • L.A_21

          Yes that is what I’m trying to say. XD Definitely, a small boobs can’t look this big even while wearing a wonder bra/push bra.

          • silvermaoh

            agree, sadly from experience ;;;;

  • L.A_21

    Why the cnetz are talking about Zheng Shuan when she’s not even included in this list?