“Ice Fantasy” director loves to film Feng Shaofeng and Ma Tianyu as lovers

Yahoo News: “Ice Fantasy” director likes love scenes. Feng Shaofeng and Ma Tianyu almost become lovers


Chinese drama “Ice Fantasy” has gathered a lot of attention since day one due to the high visual feast of the drama.
– Almost all of the male actors have flowing white hair, clear blue eyes, and handsome features
– Fans usually call the 38 year old Feng Shaofeng as “Uncle Feng”, but said that he returned to the “peak of his visuals” with this drama
– He was delighted and said, “Don’t call me brother Feng, I’m still a young fresh meat!”

The other actor with high visuals is prince of the Ice Tribe, Ma Tianyu.
– He debuted after participating in a pageant in 2006 and has two million fans on Weibo with extreme popularity
– He is also a ladies man and has many female friends in the entertainment industry
– All stars that he’s worked with previously have formed good friendships with him, and he’s also gained the title of “friend of married women” in the entertainment circle

Ma Tianyu laughed that “I have two sisters and feel that I have responsibility to take care of the ladies next to me. Isn’t it the natural order for guys to take care of girls?”
– He became good friends with Victoria in the drama, and scenes in which the two make fun of each other can often be found

Ma Tianyu and Feng Shaofeng’s brotherhood is the main focus of “Ice Fantasy”, and the two are good friends in real life as well.
– The two often look deeply into each other’s eyes in the drama, and Feng Shaofeng laughed that, “The director often uses the methods of filming a romantic drama to film us. He pans the camera in 360 degrees all the time, but we’re actually brothers!”

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