Jimmy Lin’s twin sons turn one year old

QQ: Jimmy Lin hold birthday party for sons turning a year old


Jimmy Lin recently posted in Weibo pictures of his twin sons celebrating their one year old birthday. The two babies underwent a Chinese ritual in grabbing items that were indicative of their future talents, and Jimmy Lin said posted,

My babies, thank you for bringing joy and laughter to the house. I’d been worried that you’d be nervous with seeing so many people during the party, but I hadn’t thought you would be so steady. Jenson grabbed the gold medal, steering wheel, and abacus. Kyson grabbed the steering wheel, ball, and seal. This means both of you will be well rounded in the future. You must support each other in the future and advance towards your dreams. Daddy, mommy, and brother will always love you. Happy birthday!



Cnetz comment below:

[+6,346] Such cute babies, I want to hug them!

[+5,416] Happiness, happiness, and more happiness! Jimmy is a winner in life and has once again set an example for the cheating scum. Only when a man takes care of family is he a good man.

[+4,492] Good genes and pretty babies. They’ll be babyfaced too when they grow up…

[+2,920] They’re truly very cute, happy birthday!

[+2,441] His genes are so strong, they’re all so good looking!

[+1,667] Look at his genes! All of them are good looking , I’m so jealous!

[+1,528] What a cute pair of kids, Jimmy is really something!

[+1,363] So cute, I can only say that Jimmy’s genes are too strong

[+1,096] So cute! I love the big eyed child. What a pretty baby

[+863] I can rest easy now that I’ve seen the wall of compliments and can sleep well… heh heh

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