Lynn Hung shows off her sexy body whilst on honeymoon

QQ: Lynn Hung honeymooning at the beach with her husband, shows off her good body


Lynn Hung posted pictures of her honeymoon on Dec. 4, saying “On the fourth day, the heavens awarded us two hours of sunshine before it started storming again~”


Cnetz comment below:

[+4,513] she’s finally found a man who’s good to her

[+3,730] This is completely showing up Aaron Kwok! Those who don’t love you just treat your life as an ordinary circle of friends

[+2,947] She’s so much better than Aaron Kwok’s internet celebrity girlfriend right now. Her skin is so much better

[+1,723] She is seriously so ordinarily looking, particularly that nose, so ugly!

[+884] Aaron Kwok missed out on someone so fine!

[+843] Aaron Kwok: I wish you a happy marriage! Let me drink to that!

[+582] Does no one think her nose is ugly?

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  • L.A_21

    Her nose looks fine though. What are they thinking?