Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin admit to relationship after working together four times

QQ: Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin have worked together four times, finally admit to their love for each other today


It’s Tiffany Tang’s birthday today, and her greatest present was the publicizing of her relationship.
– Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin have collaborated for four different dramas and rumors about a possible relationship have happened each time


Cnetz react below:

[+13,377] Happiness for them! I think Luo Jin is so much better looking than Qiu Ze (don’t hate me if you don’t agree with me)

[+13,288] I really like Luo Jin and don’t have much feeling about Tiffany Tang. I hope they’re happy!

[+9,954] These two are such a good match, my sincere wishes for them!

[+9,165] I wondered if the two of them were together when I was watching Princess Wei Young. They looked like they genuinely liked each other no matter how I looked at them. Their looks at each other were different from how they looked at each other before. So it turns out they really are together, congratulations!

[+4,481] Luo Jin looks great in period dress. Can he try growing his hair out?

[+2,981] This love is so pretty. Ancient times, the revolution, and modern times. The love of three lifetimes

[+1,749] It looks like the paparazzi were on the money…

[+1,574] Although I give them my best wishes, don’t you think that Tiffany Tang always has the same expression on her face?

[+1,419] Although the name of “Princess Wei Young” is pretty, but the script really sucks. The two main characters keep getting hurt and saving each other. Almost all the women want to hurt the female lead and almost all the men love her. No matter what happens, the female lead is always fine in the end and actually gains something for her troubles. The screenwriter wrote a fable!



QQ: Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin admit to relationship, “So it was you”


Tiffany wrote: “So it was you” in response to Luo Jin’s post, “My shoulders will always be there to support you! My dear, happy birthday! <3″


Cnetz comment below:

[+24,245] Luo Jin is really handsome

[+11,364] I was actually sad to see him die of poisoning in the drama, but now that I see the two of you together, I realize that it doesn’t matter if he died or not. Don’t hate me!

[+8,833] I see good wishes in all the comments. Netizens are still very kind and cute

[+8,665] Finally made it to the headline! Love you and best wishes for you! Luo Jin, you must be the example for all men and be with Tiffany Tang to the end

[+8,040] Best wishes! You have the feeling of two who grew up together

[+4,564] I’ve always loved Luo Jin, he was so good looking when he was young! So was Tiffany!

[+3,068] And you guys didn’t even talk to each other during the awards ceremony before. Look how good it is now that you’ve admitted to it and all the good wishes you’ve received!

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  • Gabbar Singh

    Congrats to them, they’re a cute couple

  • goodiddly

    aww was waiting for you to post this. This is so cute!

  • L.A_21

    Congrats! According to their horoscope, they match well. XD

  • Clara Viki

    I love Tiffany. Hope she’ll be happy forever

  • love for them