Wang Baoqiang visits hometown to promote new film

QQ: Wang Baoqiang visits hometown to promote new film, father and villagers respond warmly


Wang Baoqiang kicked off his promotion tour for film “Buddies in India” today with the first stop being his hometown in the southern part of China.
– The film is set to air on the first day of Chinese New Year next year


Cnetz comment below:

[+25,634] Silly goose, remember to buy a house under your mom’s name next step. Your mother-in-law isn’t dependable

[+14,001] At least he works hard! Those who say that he purposefully leaked the scandal, are your brains full of sh*t?

[+10,030] Go Baoqiang! It’s been a difficult road, I’ll wait for you in theaters on the first day of the new year!

[+8,669] This kind of promotion captures people’s hearts more

[+8,357] His clothing got a lot more fashionable after divorce, why is that?

[+4,550] Keeping a firm chin, I understand you! I hope box office sales are good

[+3,903] He looks just like his mom. It’s always a good thing when a son is like his mother

[+1,770] Fighting, you’ll meet someone even better. It’s been a tough journey. Although I may not go to theaters because I’m busy taking care of the kid, I’ll keep supporting you

[+1,469] I find that a lot of haters lack morals. What about Baoqiang’s appearance? So what if he’s from a farming village?



QQ: Baoqiang thanks his father and kin in trip back home for new film, says will come home often in the future

Cnetz comment below:

[+1,913] I’m just waiting for the judgment now. Don’t show mercy now! Being ruthless is a man. We’re going to be unhappy if you soften again

[+1,049] Wang Baoqiang is using even his parents to promote his new film. When you bought a house in the USA, did you bring them over to live for even a day? Coming and going, you’re just trying to get money out of the audience

[+512] Can Wang Baoqiang possibly be a simple person to have such success in the complicated entertainment industry? I feel more and more that he’s using his wife’s affair as media play for his new film

[+453] Using the family card again! Disgusting! First media playing with your wife and now your parents! Take a break! You only know how to act like a fool for some laughs, what a low movie!

[+450] Someone who didn’t even graduate from elementary school is being a director. The hell!

[+328] All of this has happened for higher box office sales for this film. Baoqiang, you’re not a small fry anymore. Well done, well done!

[+282] Media play! My honest baby has changed!!!


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