Jay Chou loses his temper at production crew’s actions

QQ: Video revealed of Jay Chou losing his temper during a variety show. Netizens say he’s full of justice

Jay Chou was filming a variety show on Dec. 4 when he halted the show due to the production team interrupting a gust.
– Jay yelled at the team, “This is really ridiculous!”

In the video, Jay Chou was listening intently to the guests’ words when the production crew suddenly played Jay’s songs in the background, affecting their conversation.
– Jay immediately yelled, “You guys are seriously ridiculous. He’s speaking and you’re playing my music over him, do you have any manners?”

Although this cause filming to half momentarily, Jay Chou asked the guest to keep talking afterwards and kept the atmosphere warm.
– Netizens complimented his actions, saying “Jay Chou is as righteous as his songs” and that “he has great bearing”

Cnetz comment below:

[+2,413] If I say that Jay Chou has been my idol since I was young, will I get hated on 😳😳

[+1,896] When I see how good he is to his grandma, his mother, his wife, and his daughter, and is so talented. How would anyone not love an idol like him?

[+1,661] He’s always kept a low profile, has a great bearing, and loves Chinese style music! It was some black hearted media that kept giving him a bad reputation! If it wasn’t for his music all these years, how would that many foreigners know of “chins style music”!

[+583] Setting aside Jay Chou’s female fans, it’s rare for someone in the cpop world to have so many male fans. One’s personality is very important, never lose sight of who you are, and you must be positive as well!

[+502] You can not like him, but don’t make up rumors! Jay is very patriotic and has been more and more low key these years. I’m speechless at those people hating on him…

[+289] I like him not only for his music, but even more for his being. Super good!

[+235] I didn’t like him before but now I really think he’s very good!

[+128] Jay Chou is the second big star of Asia, second to only Andy Lau

[+90] I like Louis Too for constantly building houses in China and Jay Chou for constantly donating money

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  • annalynna

    When I saw the title I knew it had to be something simalar,he just doesn’t seem like the type that would snap unnecessarily. He’s always been known for manners and politeness.