Backstage: William Chan at Chanel event

QQ: Handsome and hardworking William Chan, give me a dozen of him!

William Chan was recently invited to a Chanel event, and he attended in a short tux jacket, hat, and leatherwork shoes. He also had a silver brooch on his jacket as an accent.
– William Chan has always been acknowledged for his unique style setting trends

William Chan was once a designer, and not only did he tour various studios and listen to expert opinion, he also engaged in some hands on interaction with them.
– When he visited Paris, his fans blocked the streets to chase after him and his bodyguards were unable to deal with the enthusiasm of the crowd
– William asked for everyone not to push and accepted all requests for photos and autographs

William Chan, Angelica, and Karl Lagerfield.


Cnetz comment below:

[+64] Of all domestic stars, I only like him. Trendy and wears clothes well, walking clothes hanger

[+57] William is so handsome! He was such a prince during his Paris trip and the pictures look so high quality. It’s a visual feast!

[+45] High visuals, great bearing, fantastic body. Too perfect!

[+10] So handsome!!

[+7] Too bad his hairline is too high

[+6] He looks like such a nobleman!


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  • Qiyue

    so lovely <3