A smiling Tiffany Tang appears at the airport after dating news breaks

QQ: A woman in love! Tiffany couldn’t stop smiling


[+8,652] I’ve liked Luo Jin since “Beauty’s Rival in Palace” and hadn’t actually paid much attention to Tiffany Tang. However, I still give my best wishes to them. They look very good together

[+6,659] For some reason, I feel that Tiffany Tang is a very kind and simple person. I wish her happiness

[+5,046] I like her coat, where’s it from?

[+4,171] Hehe, finally seeing you two together. I’m so happy! Luo Jin is a very low profile person with no scandals. Just by this alone, Tangtang, you’ll be happy 😁😁😁

[+2,689] Of course she’d be happy with so many well wishes!

[+2,601] When I watched “Princess Wei Young”, the male lead’s eyes dripped with honey when he looked at her! I knew they were in love, those are the eyes you’d have when you’re in love. Ai, so sweet!

[+2,269] A woman’s happiness can be seen from her smile, best wishes

[+2,258] The couple most suited for each other in the industry. I wish Luo Jin and Tiffany Tang happiness forever

[+1,453] I’ve always really like Luo Jin. He has fine features but doesn’t lose his manliness. He’s acted in a lot of dramas but have never gotten popular. Even so, he’s remained on his path and never media played. Tiffany, it’s worth having this kind of man!

[+984] I never watch any TV shows apart from Tiffany and Luo Jin’s. They are such a well matched couple and have a couple face. I wish you the best! I couldn’t sleep because I was so excited!



QQ: Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin’s relationship has been revealed, what details did you miss?

Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin on TV, promoting “Princess Wei Young”.


Cnetz comment below:

[+3,373] Luo Jin is quite good. He doesn’t look like someone who would cheat, very dependable

[+1,856] Luo Jin sings really well

[+982] I really like the two of them, best wishes

[+713] Best wishes best wishes, wishes for a lifetime

[+460] I really like both of you, such a good match. Haha, true love! Your eyes are so happy

[+456] Although Luo Jin isn’t handsome, he looks like the very warm type…

[+381] You match very well and look good together. The key point is, both of you are wonderful and have no scandals~ Big love! I’m going to keep watching Princess Wei Young

[+363] I wish you two the best and happiness for the rest of your life. Hurry and make little princes and princesses!

[+168] I’m impressed by the paparazzi, they said these two were dating last month…


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  • silvermaoh

    wish them the best <33

  • Chizuru

    Cute couple.

  • Domo

    Luo Jin isn’t handsome?? I personally think he’s really super duper attractive. Anyway LOVE THIS COUPLE !