Zheng Shuang rumored to be dating after a month long absence

QQ: Zheng Shuang has disappeared for a month, is she leaving the entertainment industry because of love?

Weibo paparazzi accounts have said that it’s been a month since Zheng Shuang has last appeared in front of everyone.
– Her last update was in August (above
– She didn’t express anything when her drama “Rush to the Dead of Summer” wrapped up filming in October, and neither did she attend the drama’s promotion, leaving male lead Chen Xuedong to appear at events by himself

Another one of her works started airing lately, and her absence was noted from the two events that the TV channel held to promote it.

The last time Zheng Shuang neglected work was when she was dating Zhang Han, and she realized the importance of a woman having her own career when she broke up.
– Given the recent rumors of her dating Tiger Hu, netizens are wondering if she’s in a relationship again


Cnetz comment below:

[+3,404] Tiger Hu is seriously too ugly, can you guys stop putting him together with little Shuang

[+1,657] Tiger Hu has reached new heights with his ugliness. Ai, forgive me for not being able to picture beauty and the beast

[+1,513] I look up to only little Shuang in the entertainment industry. She can disappear when she wants to and when she wants to come back, there are tons of resources available for her

[+1,405] Can all of you not live without Zheng Shuang?

[+793] She hasn’t had many works to her name and uses this kind of media play everyday for publicity. No wonder Zhang Han didn’t want her. It’s so tough living like this everyday, who can take it? What a princess

[+783] Truly, Zheng Shuang’s like a madwoman sometimes

[+520] She got plastic surgery again didn’t she

[+426] Is she getting plastic surgery for so-called love??? She was like this with Zhang Han! She disappeared and came back after plastic surgery!! When asked why, she said for love!!

[+241] I don’t care even if she dies

[+238] Please leave this industry

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  • Chizuru

    Whether shes dating or not, she should ahve promoted her work abit more.