Cnetz blast the ending of Princess Wei Young

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QQ: Only Weiyoung is left at the ending of “Princess Weiyoung”, everyone who should’ve died all died


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+1,487] In the novel, Weiyoung is a black bellied miss and her revenges are always very exhilarating and stunning. But this wasn’t brought out in the drama at all, so there’s a difference between the drama and the book. In the book, Weiyoung and Li Minde have a happy ending together!

[+1,135] It’s Li Weiyoung and Tuoba Jun’s kid alright? The journalist needs to watch the drama and not post random articles

[+635] Compared to “Nirvana in Fire” and “Empresses in the Palace”, this is completely different. Everyone who watched this drama is missing their brain and don’t have the slightest ability to appreciate anything. Disgusting!

[+629] It won because there were no good dramas during this time. Does everyone agree with me?

[+587] My wife likes to watch it. Nothing for it, I have a stupid wife

[+465] I stick with what I said before, you don’t need a brain to watch this drama

[+412] I really want to mail a knife to the screenwriter. The hell did he edit the drama to? Someone who’s rotten to the core died so easily? Such a good person died, and we don’t even know who the child belong to? You don’t give an explanation! The team is also poor. The female lead’s mother wore the same clothes from beginning to end, disgusting! And the cute ninth princess, wasn’t she only beaten a few times by some bamboo poles? It was like she was going to die. So fake. She likely didn’t even know that her own dad was killed in the end but remember Li Minde’s kiss. She was even in a coma for three months, how laughable! Li Changru got pregnant in winter and also gave birth in winter. This screenwriter and team didn’t pay enough attentions to the details, so many flaws

[+367] The drama doesn’t say who the child belongs to, and I thought it was Li Weiyoung and Tuoba Jun’s! I only knew that Li Changru had her child, but it didn’t say what happened to it

[+221] The screenwriter thought the audience was all brainless and had tons of flaws. To be honest, this is really disgusting! China lacks good screenwriters!

[+108] The drama doesn’t say whose child it is. I always thought it was Tuoba Jun’s. It’s your right to not watch an episode, and you don’t have to criticize either. We’ll watch it if we want, but stop randomly yapping that someone didn’t act well…

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  • It’s sad when dramas which are based on books don’t hold true or live up to the original material.

    • QAS

      I imagine that TV drama productions like to gloss over the details, so the viewers do not feel as if they are sitting in a school classroom forever. Even the Hobbit movies took some creative license to the published book.

  • Chizuru

    Haven’t seen the ending yet but I always thought the drama would play out that way, its like the whole plot is revealed throught he opening and ending song sequences (why do they in some cdramas). Kinda make me want to read the the novel.

  • QAS

    I was reading the history of the Tuobas, Northern Liang and Rourans on Wiki, and some events and timelines are dissimilar to the drama’s. I guess that was a pain point with the K-drama, Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart. That drama specified upfront that it was a creative license to history. Princess Weiyoung also took a creative license to history.

  • Dominique Lola

    It wasn’t necessarily a sad ending. It’s happy in that they all got what they wanted. Marriage with the girl, revenge for the girl. Just cuz he died doesn’t mean it wasn’t a happy ending. Everyone dies in the end anyways