Joe Chen breaks down into tears for Qiao Renliang at “Stay with Me” press event

QQ: Joe Chen breaks down when discussing good friend, “I really miss him”

Stay with Me is an upcoming Chinese modern romance drama starring Joe Chen, Wang Kai and Kimi Qiao. It is written by Tong Hua. The series is scheduled to be aired on Hunan TV starting December 11, 2016. (Source: Wikipedia)

The cast, including Joe Chen and Wang Kai, appeared in Beijing for the drama’s viewing event earlier today.
– In the course of the interview, Joe Chen broke down in tears when asked about Qiao Renliang
– This dramas was the last work of his life


Cnetz comment below:

[+9,223] It’d be false if she wasn’t saddened over such a good friend. He was such a good guy

[+4,978] Change your hairstyle back, this one doesn’t make you look young

[+2,473] So many people are hating on her for coming out in pajamas. There are many who leave the house in pajamas now and those who make suits out of pajamas. A lot of people wear things like this! It’s quite beautiful, love you Joe, fighting!

[+2,085] Did she come out in pajamas?

[+1,539] If he hadn’t chosen to leave like that, he would be here as well

[+477] If you were truly good friends you would’ve cared about him and tried to help him when he was alive, and not cry in front of everyone after he’s passed away. Remember you’re a public figure, this makes you appear fake

[+397] The hell is she wearing, ugly!

[+355] Isn’t she past the times? What is she doing out and about again?

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