Luo Jin and Tiffany Tang appear at first event together after relationship reveal

QQ: Luo Jin and Tiffany Tang’s first event together after relationship reveal, happiness was written over their face

The “Style China: Artistry” event was held in Beijing on Dec. 9, with celebrities such as Gong Li, Zhao Wei, Yang Mi, Zhou Dongyu, Li Chen, Jing Boran, and Cao Jun attending.
– Luo Jin said to the press that Tiffany Tang was the most beautiful out of everyone present
– The media also asked them why they felt like posting a picture that Photoshopped the two of them together as children, Tiffany mentioned that it was an idea thought of by both of them and that “childhood pictures are quite cute”


Cnetz comment below:

[+32,221] Those who think “Princess Wei Young” was a better drama than “Noble Aspirations”, like my comment!

[+11,952] They match so well. This is so much better than some female stars. Find someone you like who is suited for you and don’t just chase after rich men, being with those dirty old men

[+6,253] Luo Jin is so much better looking than Roy Chiu. He’s so manly

[+4,866] The ending of “Princess Wei Young” wasn’t what everyone wanted, it’s a good thing you fell in love in real love, so happy! It’s very difficult to meet someone whom you love an also loves you. You must always be happy and keeping walking down together! I think highly of you

[+4,750] Luo Jin you have bad taste! Do you know how many women are sad because of you?

[+3,305] I’ve liked Luo Jin since Diamond Lover. I really like the two of you together. Best wishes, hurry and have a small Luo Jin or a small Tiffany!

[+2,958] These two really do have the look of a married couple…

[+2,736] Why is Zhou Dongyu always the last fashionable and most like a country bumpkin out of everyone?

[+2,582] Why is Luo Jin’s lips always purple like he’s been poisoned?


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  • 👑Auntmary

    Purple lips perhaps from smoking