Request: Netizens comment on video of Luhan, Tao, Kris, and Lay when all four were still EXO

Please find the video located here on Weibo.

Caption reads: “When they were still EXO: Tao + Kris + Luhan + Lay. Our Tao starts speaking Korean and Mandarin together when he gets excited.”


Netizens comment below:

“It was a Korean variety and so they should’ve spoken Korean. Not to mention they debuted as EXO.”

“I suddenly feel Tao is rather cute.”

“Lay is still part of EXO, using the past tense is incorrect here.”

“I reject this attempt to wash their images.”

“Haha, Tao is so cute. I kept laughing when I saw this video, what a cute little brother.”

“Lay’s Korean sounds so good.”

“I started liking Tao because I saw this variety.”

“Oh my gosh, Tao is so cute.”

“Chinese speaking Korean, so disgusting.”

“Are you blind to be talking about Chinese people speaking Korean? They’re filming a Korean variety, of course they’re speaking Korean.”

“Those talking about Chinese people speaking Korean, it’s because this is a Korean variety show for Koreans. Who would understand them if they spoke Chinese?”

“I hope Tao has a successful attempt in washing his image.”

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  • Lilu Gill

    My feels

  • Qiyue

    sometimes I miss chinaline T^T but they are all doing so well now so all is good hehe <3

  • Saari

    EXO is good group with good potential. But SKorea doesn’t have enough money to sustain such a big group.
    SKorea is good to earn experience, fame, fandom. But in China, celebrities get paid a lot better (since it’s bigger, bigger industry, more companies, more fans, more cf deals….)
    So of course they will want to go back to their country to earn more and have better work condition.
    SKorea is too competitive, you have to work harder to stay relevant.

  • keepit

    “Chinese speaking Korean, so disgusting.” – what rock is this person living under? :/

  • Moon

    This video was 100% about Tao, IDK why Kris and Luhan were included in it when this is a video to make Tao look cute..

  • L.A_21

    I actually can’t view the video. But how I do really miss EXO as esp. EXO-M since I mostly followed them before and my biases are Kris & Tao. But we have to accept the reality and move on. They’re all happy with their chosen path now and I just wish someday Kris & Tao can be friends again.

    • celia

      Yeah I’m glad KrisHanTao are successful on their own but I miss seeing their interactions…

  • Maple Waffles

    i’m wheezing at the comments saying tao is trying to wash his image. how can he be trying to wash his image when this happened years ago.

    • Nel

      bitter anti logic 😌