Song Xiaobao on hiatus from entertainment industry

QQ: Song Xiaobao collapses, to take temporary leave. His body can’t handle his schedules anymore

Song Xiaobao collapsed recently as he rested with an IV drip backstage.
– The rigors of participating in more 20 variety show recordings in 2016 finally caught up with him

During an interview on Dec. 7, he expressed that “I’m going to avoid as many varieties as possible. The pressures of work are like a high pressure pole weighing down on you… constantly exhausting you and being really tough to keep up on.”

He plans on resting for quite a while in 2017 and living for himself.
– As he rests, he’s going to reflect on his career thus far and come back even stronger


Cnetz comment below: 

[+3,153] Repeated exposure of low quality stuff seeks to amuse anymore, it’s really low quality. I still think Sheng Teng and Wang Ning’s acts have more depth to them

[+1,962] Objectively speaking, I don’t see where Song Xiaobao is funny. His acts all have to do with cell phone text messages sent years ago. Southerners don’t care about Song Xiaobao, but Sheng Teng is funny down to his very bones and doesn’t put on a crazy act. However, the northerners I know all really like Song Xiaobao and Guo Degang. The difference between north and south is still quite large

[+1,544] Treasure your body well. You’re of a certain age after all. Thank you for al the laughter and jokes you’ve brought us, I hope your body gets better!

[+1,139] When you humiliate yourself and others to be an actor, I think there’s nothing good about that

[+675] To put it nicely, he brought us happiness. To put it bluntly, it’s the time of taking money. Getting popular off one comedy and then signing up for variety after variety… I’m a bit tired of seeing him

[+594] I’m always very happy to see you in shows or on TV. You’re the best, but I wish you would treasure your body more, because that’s how your career will continue long and we can laugh until the end

[+362] Crude and low class humor

[+323] Song Xiaobao you work too hard

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