The women of “Duke of the Mount Deer” gather together for a reunion

QQ: Memories! Jordan Chan’s “The Duke of the Mount Deer” five wives gather together

From left to right: Princess Jiang Ning, Ceng Rou, Shuang’er, Lin Jianping, Ah Ke

The five wives of Wei Xiaobao in “Duke of the Mount Deer” gathered together after 20 years to celebrate Ah Ke’s birthday.


Cnetz comment below:

[+8,576] I’ve seen so many versions of Wei Xiaobao, this is the best one

[+2,729] This was the most classic Wei Xiaobao — Jordan Chan. The most classic Guo Jin and Qiao Feng — Felix Huang. The most classic Yang Guo and Dragon Girl — Louis Koo and Carman Lee. The most classic Zhou Zhiruo and Ji Xiaofu — Kathy Chow and Joy Pan. The most most most classic Ah Zi — Rain Lau. All from TVB

[+1,696] I love Jordan Chan’s “Duke of the Mount Deer the most. It’s just that the actors’ and actresses’ visuals were all ordinary, but their acting skills were flawless

[+1,316] Ever since Chen Xiaosha and Liang Xiaobing, I’ve felt that the visuals of Hong Kong’s TVB actors and actresses collapsed on a large scale. I didn’t understand what I was watching, what is this?

[+754] I like Ah Ke’s visuals, but I don’t like her character. I still like gentle women like Shuang’er

[+535] Jordan Chan’s version is very classic and great to watch. A generation of memories, I never get sick watching it!

[+379] Jiang Ning’s visuals are ordinary but she’s like able, Ah Ke is the prettiest

[+295] I used to think Ah Ke was pretty, now I like Ceng Ruo more, but I feel like they’ve changed a lot. I’ve always thought TVB’s Jinyoung dramas in the 90s were rather classic

[+264] However, Hong Kong female celebrities are on a whole not pretty. They have no figures or pretty faces and are a far cry from Chinese female celebrities. No wonder there’s not that many famous ones

[+105] I’ve been watching TVB’s dramas twenty or so years ago, there’s really nothing that’s changed

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