Yang Mi delights in an off the shoulder black dress

QQ: Charming and cute black veil dress revealing her shoulder, Yang Mi is as cute as an elf

[+3,372] I love my big Mimi, why can she be so girly like this?

[+1,320] A lot of stars are like us, civilians. No one recognizes them when they walk on the roads…

[+752] I’ve never felt her pretty and the most key thing is, she doesn’t have a lot of class. I know haters are on the way… I’m leaving 😱😱😱

[+680] Why is it that anything an actress wears has to get hated on? I don’t understand!

[+620] Her clothes are truly lacking compared to Angel Wang, they look a bit cheap. She has such good qualifications, it’s time to upgrade…

[+339] She’s had too many whitening shots]

[+335] Where’s my husband?

[+225] Am I the only one who thinks this looks like a raven?

[+5] Those who like Yang Mi will think she’s beautiful. Those who hate that b*tch Wang will think she’s ugly. Yang Mi has a great personality, high IQ, pretty visuals, simple and kind, and works hard to advance herself. I like the positive energy Yang Mi!

[+3] So pretty

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