Fan Bingbing, Zhao Liying, Li Yifeng, Jing Boran, Tao, and Luhan win awards at Tencent’s Asian Star Awards

QQ: Asian Star Awards conclude successfully, Li Yifeng and Zhao Liying are a cute couple

The Tencent Asian Star Awards were broadcast on Dec. 10, with 679 million viewers tuning in and hashtags such as #LiYifengAllBlack, #JingBoranLongHair, #HuangZitaoEyeMakeup trending on Weibo.
– Fan Bingbing won “Most Popular Film Actress” for her role in “I am not Madame Bovary”
– Jing Boran won “Most Popular Film Actor”
– Li Yifeng won “Most Popular Drama Actor” and “VIP Most Popular Star”
– Zhao Liying won “Most Popular Drama Actress” for her role in “Noble Aspirations”
– Luhan won “Asia All-Round Artist Award”
– He expressed that he could only give himself 7 points out of 10 and that he would try harder in the future

Fan Bingbing expressed her thanks to the audience, saying, “I’ve had a very happy 2016 and will work even harder in 2017”.
– Netizens kept asking her, “Then when are you getting married to Li Chen?”

Zhao Liying and Li Yifeng reenacted a sweet scene from “Noble Aspirations” as both won awards.
– Zhao Liying even expressed that, “2016 was a wonderful year. I hope that apart from working in 2017, I want to leave more time for myself to fill in the spaces for my relationship”
– The hashtag #ZhaoLiyingNoRelationship immediately started trending
– Li Yifeng was asked, “What kind of man do you think suits Liying?” He answered, “It must be a male, and a kind gentlemen who understands and is willing to spend time with her.”
– Li Yifeng further joked that, “All of you have great taste!” to the fact that he won an award for popularity

Tao won “Hottest Male Singer” and stunned the crowd with his makeup and golden jacket.
– In his acceptance speech, he said that, “When I first returned to China, a lot of people told me that Chinese music doesn’t earn money, the outlook isn’t good. I really disliked that kind of talk. I want to do what I like, and not what earns money. I hope that more people like cpop and chinpop, that they listen not only to kpop but cpop as well.”
– He also emphasized that without music, he wouldn’t participate in any work related to movies or variety
– “Whether it’s films or variety now, I just hope that more people get to know Huang Zitao and therefore listen to my music”
– He then freestyle rapped and also performed “The Road” as well



Cnetz comment below:

[+2,444] I don’t know why Luhan is popular? And, what has he acted in before? Why is he part of the awards?

[+1,472] We imitate Korea in everything. What daesong (Chinese name of the awards uses “daesong”), what MC — these words are all from Korean variety. Can we keep our own cultural identity?

[+982] For some reason, I really dislike Li Yifeng! Everyone has their own opinions, haters go another way

[+755] Perhaps it’s because I’m old, but I don’t like any of these male stars. I only like Stephen Chow, Andy Lau and others from that generation. They all look a bit like sissies now

[+517] I support Fan Bingbing!

[+461] Li Yifeng has no acting skills and Luhan, Wu Yifan are all sissies. I want to yell at them whenever I see them, can’t help it

[+319] Good job Liying baby! You look good with Li Yifeng, you guys can consider being together. Love from an old fan who will always support you

[+296] I have to admit I’m old. I’m so old that I’ve never even heard of these stars, not to mention knowing them

[+284] Lousy awards, not convincing at them. All lies, it would never be these people winning awards. They were afraid of Tencent blacklisting them, that’s why they came

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  • Barabessa

    lol cnetz and their obsession for the word sissy lol

    • cpoplove

      I know right. They love, love, love that word.

  • keepit

    A man should be a little bit more handsome than a monkey, but not much (c) cnetz

  • Nel

    yifan wasn’t even there and still got people mentioning him, legends only

    • Gabbar Singh

      lmao exactly what i thought when i read the comment

  • silvermaoh

    These award shows are about popularity. All of them are popular in their own way. Congrats to LYF and ZLY on winning the top awards of the night. Chusen has the highest views ever for Tencent so it makes sense. On top of it, Chusen is number one on all time online views with ~26 billion

  • Lilu Gill

    The quality awards are important, but not gave show. The popularity awards are pure show and funny. In China, In South Korea, in USA, everywhere.

  • The Wind

    I know KPOP FANS hate when an award ceremony have ASIAN with a majority of Korean who received an award with some other asian country.
    But for this TENCENT include TENCENT ASIAN STARS AWARDS but there are only CHINESE in it.

    And 679 million people watching it…..OMG…..

    • Lilu Gill

      The only Asian awards what I consider objective and fair is Asian Film Awards. The other “Asian Awards” are popularity poll.

      • The Wind

        True, nowadays everything is about popularity.
        Because company care about group who have the most fans. So if fans are pleased, fans will buy, support….
        If fans aren’t happy, fans will complain…

  • Moon

    “[+755] Perhaps it’s because I’m old, but I don’t like any of these male stars. I only like Stephen Chow, Andy Lau and others from that generation. They all look a bit like sissies now”

    Okay but Stephen Chow loves Kris. Must suck that their idol loves someone they hate LOL!