A-Mei rearranges classic hit “Sisters” for 20 year debut anniversary

Yahoo: Rearranging “Sisters” for a teary 20 year debut anniversary

It’s been 20 years since A-Mei’s debut, and she chose to release the rearranged version of her classic hit “Sisters” as “Sisters 2016 (Parallel Universe version)”.
– She recounts the various happenings of her journey as she sings, and she asked the original music label that helped her rise to popularity to release this song, as a nod to their important role in her life
– NTD 3 million was spent in the course of filming the MV

A-Mei invited Golden Melody Award producer Xiao An and manager Chen Zhenchuan to write a script for the end of the song.
– The scripts were rejected multiple times before the final version was finally accepted
– “Sister is a song that has special meaning for me and we recorded the new version four times before all was finished. The script at the end brought back many memories for me. It was very touching and I thank everyone so much.”

When she spoke of this 20 year journey, she said, “I’m just like everyone living in my own world and trying my best to survive, doing my best to survive beautifully. Let me once again use my life to scream with happiness for you.”

She thanked continual support from the fans, saying that they were her greatest strength when she was tired. “These songs all touch hearts because you live within them. You who love my songs live within them.”

The MV of “Sisters 2016 (Parallel Universe version)”.


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