Request: Netizens speculate over whether Wang Kai is gay or not

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This thread was started in December 2015.

Is Wang Kai gay? Popular people really have a lot of controversies! A rumor’s been circulating recently that he’s gay!

There’s been a lot of talk lately of him going to Thailand with 11 other notable gays, with a picture showing him at dinner with all of them. (Notable gays means those with better visuals/bodies).


Netizens commented below:

“Whether or not he’s gay doesn’t affect his acting skills. So I don’t care.”

“You can eat random crap but you can’t say random shit.”

“Whether or not he is, it’s his business and not ours.”

“We don’t care if he’s straight or bent! But if his private life is dirty, then I…”

“Acting skills have absolutely nothing to do with this! People now really such as busybodies.”

“So dirty…”

“It’s his interests and preferences, we’re all outsiders and have no say in this matter.”

“I don’t care, I still support him!”

“Whether it’s true or not, so what if he’s gay? He has his own life. Those who like him will still like him. Those who don’t will never like him. Just like GD said, I don’t want those who doubt me to like me.”

“Why must you hate on someone like this? Is any of this evidence? So boring, just focus on his acting!”

“So he’s gay, big deal.”

“The only truth is that he acts well…”

“I like Wang Kai, is sexual orientation a black dot too now?”

“The hell is it any of your business?”

“It’s not like I can bring him home to be my hubby. Actors, they just need to act well and look good. As for everything else, what business is it of mine? Hoho!”

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  • Lula

    Thank god cnetz support WangKai, he is really good person and he is an excellent actor.
    Keep going for a lot of year more wangkai

  • Barabessa

    when will luhan and tao lol

    • keepit

      I’m sure they covered that “travelling through asia with 11 other notable gays” thing earlier than wang kai~

      • Barabessa


    • The Wind

      I don’t think Luhan is gay.. TAO is immature and girly but maybe he will become more manly when he will start to be more mature.

  • Xiaoshu

    Wang Kai is so manly, I don’t believe he’s gay. I will believe if this rumor goes to the young fresh meat.

  • CherryPop
  • lol..