[Updated] Jet Li is tormented by sickness and says that he’s on the brink of death

QQ: Jet Li tormented by sickness, says he’s not too far from death

Jet Li toured a monetary earlier today and conversed with monks late into the night.
– His sideburns were white in the pictures and his smiles were a bit forced, looking like a 70 year old man
– Many years of action scenes have several damaged his spine, add to that his weight gain due to taking medicine for hyperthyroidism, Jet Li couldn’t help but sigh that he’s “not too far from death”


Cnetz comment below:

[+2,607] Jet Li threw Huang Qiuyan away to the side as soon as he became famous — this was too terrible! Do you understand karma? Is there still time for regret?

[+831] You built grand houses for Nina Li’s two daughters and paid no attention to Huang Qiuyan’s daughter. They’re both your daughters, why is the difference between them so great? You said to media that you could die for Nina Li, then what does that make Huang Qiuyan?

[+687] He cast aside a wife that was there for him in the hard times and wed a Hong Kong hooker. Not bad huh! There truly is no limit in true love!

[+352] Death is always present in life. The end of this life is the start of another. Why be lost in nostalgia and regret?

[+289] I feel that Jet Li is the true kungfu star. Why hasn’t Jackie Chan been injured before?




QQ: Jet Li looks 70 years old? Friends say he’s fine, just not too refined in his life

[+3,657] Jet Li must’ve offended someone in this half a year, otherwise these types of articles wouldn’t be popping up about him every so often. Who doesn’t age?

[+2,668] Although he has a foreign nationality, he’s done so much for China that he can hold his head up high in front of the country. In other’s eyes, he is Chinese. I think this is what he wants as well. I still look up to him and am not like the brainless fans of Koreans. They’re earning money in China and still hating China

[+1,852] I support Jet Li! He’s done so much charity work, so those who don’t like him, get the hell out and don’t criticize him here

[+898] Haters, just stop for a moment. How do you know he threw away his wife and daughter, what do you know about their relationships? When did he support Tibetan independence? How do you know that? People now only believe rumors, so tragic and sad… I only know that he’s done a lot of good things, stop saying all that random crap

[+486] To think how handsome and dashing he was when he was young! Sigh, everyone gets old! Time has passed by too quickly

[+383] Ai, those who believe rumors are more than those who believe the truth. What can we do

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  • L.A_21

    Awww… he’s only 53. I guess health is the main reason why he turned down XxX: Xander Cage Returns and was replaced by Donnie Yen.

  • 👑Auntmary

    He still looks okay. Looks his age, 50s.