Joanne Missingham signs with Seed Music to make her debut as a singer

Yahoo News: “Go” girl makes foray into the entertainment industry, signs contract with Seed Music

22 year old Joanne Missingham has won multiple Go world championships, and is hailed as the highest Go expert in Taiwan.
– With nicknames such as “Goddess of Go” and “First Beauty in the Go world”, she recently won first runner up in the 2016 World Mixed Contest in Tokyo
– She announced signing a contract with Seed Music Inc. on the 13th, becoming Victor Wong, Alan Ke, and Li Minchen’s junior

With a Taiwanese-Australian mixed heritage, Joanne has defined features and beautiful visuals.
– She was discovered on the road when returning to Taiwan from Australia when she was four years old, and she was a model for 4 – 5 years
– The CEO of Seed Music set his sights on her and said, “Joanne is already a goddess in the world of Go. Her sweet visuals make the team at Seed Music want more people to see such a wonderful person.”

She’s been a professional Go player for 8 years and is craving more challenges in life.
– She signed the contract after two meetings with the CEO
– “I’ve been playing Go since I was 6 and my life became restricted after that. I’ve always wanted to learn something new, and the entertainment industry just so happens to be a place where I can learn. I hope I have no regrets in life!”

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