Wu Yifan hilariously wears the same jacket that an older woman is wearing

QQ: Can’t help but laugh! Wu Yifan’s red down jacket is the same as an auntie’s

Wu Yifan appeared at an airport yesterday sans makeup and quite casual. The most awkward, however, was that he was wearing the same jacket as an older woman in front of him.


Cnetz comment below:

[+14,327] So ugly, hehehe. Don’t hate me if you don’t like my comment

[+6,361] Hot damn, so ugly

[+5,649] The hell, is he on a date with that auntie? You guys are wearing couple clothes!

[+3,318] Is this really Wu Yifan? Why so ugly?

[+3,307] They are so a couple, and just splitting up to deceive others!

[+2,239] No acting skills, no visuals. A bunch of brainless fans has helped him get popular

[+1,270] Who is this Wu fellow? I don’t know him!

[+979] Going on a date with an auntie this time, their clothes are the secret code

[+281] Not as good lookin’ as me!


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  • Barabessa

    lol those comment … kris face is priceless

    • cpoplove

      I stopped and stared at this photo for a bit when I saw this article lol. His expression!

      • Barabessa

        he’s like what the fuck this auntie stole my style

  • Meggie

    lol @ these haters

  • Moon

    Why do you always post comments from QQ when it comes to Kris but don’t do the same for the others (like you rarely do it for Luhan or Tao… in fact I’ve noticed you actively avoid posting negative comments on Luhan)? They all get negative comments but somehow you highlight Kris’. Hmmmmmm. I’m really curious who runs this blog.

    Anyway those comments are left by obvious antis. They’re probably really short and ugly and projecting their own insecurities on to him. Everyone knows Kris will annihilate their faces any day. Lord knows sometimes I wish Kris was ugly because his handsome face is what makes people judge him prematurely.


    • cpoplove

      This again? Every time I post anything about Luhan, Wu Yifan, or Tao, there’s someone who says I have ulterior motives. I can only translate the comments if something’s there, I can’t make stuff up. Point out to me where I actively avoided any negative comments in any of these articles and I’ll happily apologize. I only translate the hottest comments, so if something’s buried on page 5 of these guys, I can’t find it.

      Luhan negative comments. In fact it’s the first one: http://www.cpoplove.com/2016/12/12/fan-bingbing-zhao-liying-li-yifeng-jing-boran-tao-luhan-win-awards-tencents-asian-star-awards/
      Luhan comments: http://www.cpoplove.com/2016/09/17/first-trailer-luhan-revealed/

      Long L.O.R.D. interview in which Kris was half of it: http://www.cpoplove.com/2016/10/08/cast-l-o-r-d-sits-interview-sina/
      No comments on Kris’ QQ article: http://www.cpoplove.com/2016/11/15/kris-new-single-july-sweeps-charts/
      Positive coverage for Kris & Burberry: http://www.cpoplove.com/2016/10/18/kris-wu-yifan-selected-burberrys-first-non-british-ambassador/

      Negative Tao comments: http://www.cpoplove.com/2016/10/24/taos-haters-turn-fans-thanks-cute-performance-takes-real-man/
      Positive Tao comments: http://www.cpoplove.com/2016/10/31/tao-sun-yang-couple-takes-real-man-2-delights-netizens/

      Are we now all convinced I’m not spending my own money for servers and a website so I can go on some silly rampage against anyone’s bias? Can we stop with the conspiracy theories? It takes me half an hr or an hr to translate, it takes you guys five seconds to complain that I have a hidden agenda.

      I actually thought his expression was hilarious and that this was really funny. And yes, the comments are obvious antis. But if I wrote a comment in the article, someone’s going to say “why so defensive, I wonder who’s running the blog.. hmmm..”. Damned if I do and damned if I don’t lol.

      Or what’s even better, I’ll just stop translating about these guys. There. Now we’re all happy.

      [Edit] I notice you commented on the article two days ago in which someone requested I translate comments for the EXO Chinaline. You’ll notice they’re mostly positive comments there.

      • Moon

        Forgive me for being suspicious because there’s someone who runs a blog like yours (translating Chinese netizen comments) who HATES Kris and translates negative comments about him. It’s hard not to be wary when people like those exist (it was a Lay stan too.. lol).

        I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt but I’m typically distrustful of websites that translate netizen comments tbh. Look at the mess that is Netizenbuzz.

        • cpoplove

          O_O Oh man, so there is someone who’s actually doing that. I get your suspicion then. That sucks, I wasn’t aware there was another site updating as much as mine for cpop/cnetz.

          Other than time proving my intentions (in the FAQ, I state that I’m doing this because there’s no good English coverage of cpop/cdrama/c-ent), another factor that sets these sites apart is that you’ll notice I’m not using one of those free websites, ie. blogspot. I’m putting actual money into a domain, server, and website — and I’m definitely not going to this effort just to go on some silly rampage against someone. I’ve actually dropped the occasional extremely negative/personal comment because I felt it was way too overboard.

          Any time you think something is too negative, please give me an article from the other side (site request channel and email works) and I’ll prioritize that translation. (This offer goes for everyone!) You guys are welcome to bash the hell out of me if I ignore you. But obviously, please make a good faith effort to reach me, and not send me an email and start screaming in the comments one hour later. Or even a day. I have a life.

          I honestly don’t know the story behind NB — I read it occasionally (my KJK and SJH feels today.. Running Man!!), but I wasn’t aware of any past history.

        • Maple Waffles

          alskflksdjkdss aren’t you the person who spreads random rumours about lay that your friends translate for you from backwater forums. i don’t think you should be lecturing others about selective reading.

          whenever articles about one of these four are filled with negative comments, i just imagine that fans of the other three have hijacked the comments section and are upvoting themselves.

          • Moon

            No, I am not. What random rumors about Lay have I ever spread lmao? I only ever talk about him when bringing up success in China and what I said about him is factual, backed by numbers.

  • Moon
    • cpoplove

      Oh you know what, I like the second picture! That’s hilarious, I missed it when I was flipping through the pics. Upvote!

    • L.A_21

      Right. I laugh a lot when I saw it in Becca twitter. lmao

  • Lilu Gill

    Kris is the favourite victim of CNetz. He is so cool but the Netz everytime criticize the it boys and it girls.

  • Gabbar Singh

    Hah, this is cute. There’s a fan that drew a comic, also cute.

  • Meggie
  • Nel

    they’re so annoying this was funny but they comment nonsense 😩they can talk shit all they want, he still has a name powerful enough for them to click on the articles 😜

  • L.A_21

    I knew this would gonna happen when I saw the pics in twitter. lol But the Cnetz who had commented on this article are totally blind, they badly need high lens eye glass to be able to see Wu Yi Fan beauty as it’s too bright for them to just see it by their naked eye. hahaha

  • Qiyue

    lmao, that’s pretty funny XD and he’s handsome hehe

  • Salamander

    Why are they even calling him ugly??? lmao I frequently visit China, so I know how do average chinese male and female folks look (northern or southern, no difference), and none of them would have any right to call him ugly lol