Barbie Hsu makes first appearance since giving birth to second child

QQ: Barbie Hsu’s first appearance since giving birth, says she is sleeping in different rooms from husband

Since Barbie Hsu gave birth to her second son in May, she had slowly faded off of the screen to focus on taking care of her child.
– She announced her full return earlier today, and appeared in a pink, off the shoulder dress for a brand ambassador event on Dec. 14
– She chatted openly to media how she was taking care of her skin, and Barbie Hsu revealed that when she grew fat from being pregnant, her husband didn’t even dare look at her
– She said to her husband then, “Husband, don’t forget your original feelings!”

When asked if she would have a third child, Barbie said absolutely not. “I already sleep in separate rooms from my husband.”
– Her mother has expressed desire that Barbie no longer act after her return, and just film variety shows like her younger sister

Her weight had increased to 79kg when pregnant with her daughter. Since then, Barbie has said that she is no longer going to pursue the look of being bone thin.
– She further said that she would never let her daughter become a celebrity. “Being a volunteer or floating through Africa is perfectly fine.”


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+10,129] I’ve slept in different rooms than my husband since my children were born. My husband needs to go to work and I need to get up multiple times in the night to take care of the kids. Don’t think that sleeping in different rooms means their relationship is struggling. Something’s wrong with this journalist!

[+8,666] The sentence of “Husband, don’t forget your original feelings” is worthy of praise. Any man likes the pretty one, but a woman’s body shape changes when giving birth. This is because of a man as well. So men… (don’t cheat)

[+6,193] Mothers who have given birth are worthy of respect, to say nothing of anything else

[+3,023] A well rounded woman plus the shine of a mother will only make her prettier!

[+2,620] I’ve discovered something that all celebrities usually don’t want their children to be a celebrity, but their children always want to be one when they grow up. Why is that?

[+1,716] Barbie used to be so concerned with beauty and her figure. She can let go of all of this for her children, women are truly amazing

[+1,405] This kind of women is the best, wouldn’t you guys agree?

[+721] I’d like to understand how they split rooms, did her husband agree to it? My husband and I started sleeping in the same bed since we started living together and he says that he can’t fall asleep without me. We’re married now with kids, and damnit, he won’t sleep in another room. He says he’s not used to it and wants to hold me and sleep. My daughter is five now and she sleeps in her own room. He won’t let me if I say I want to sleep with her. I’m not boasting, just that I still haven’t gotten used to being held by someone when I sleep, even after all these years

[+419] Are you shrugging your shoulders to appear thinner? But you don’t look thinner, and it makes you look like your skin is sagging. You look even older that way

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  • At first hearing that she was sleeping separately from her husband kind of upsetting but then again I guess there are different things you have to take into consideration like her having to get up in the night for the baby and her husband having to get up in the morning to go to work. And apparently it’s common. Hopefully once the children are older she’ll go back to her bed. And people need to quit, even with more weight on her she looks good. What makes her look bad is that fugly dress.

  • 👑Auntmary

    I slept in a different room too for 4 months because of breastfeeding so it’s all right.