Edison Chen holds personal photography exhibition

QQ: Edison Chen holds personal photography exhibition in Beijing, saying photography is art

Edison Chen brought his team to UCCASTORE in Beijing on Dec. 16, opening a pop-up store that displays his personal collection and selling many exclusive apparel items.
– He also hosted his personal photography exhibition at the same time

Edison Chen has always been greatly interested in modern art, and described that “photography is art, art is life. Come and see me if you want to see how I’ve photographed all of this!”


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+6,037] I don’t know about his sense of fashion. Is my level too low or that I don’t understand fashion? Why does he always wear clothes that look like what my grandpa would wear? And that hairstyle, which hairstylist cut it for him? Why does it look so chunky?

[+3,467] Cecilia Chung’s zombie fans don’t dare act out beneath teacher Chan’s news, haha!

[+2,808] Edison Chen was quite good when he was young! Good looking and cool, and possessing his own personality. If it wasn’t for those pictures, what wrong would he have?

[+2,513] I only look up to Edison Chan amongst all photographers!!

[+2,003] He used to look like such a rogue but looks so old now. This is the fall out from those pictures that year! Being pointed at and talked about all day, even the strongest person wouldn’t be able to take it. Let bygones be bygones! He’s made a fresh new start!

[+930] It’s so obvious he’s gotten old, he used to be so good looking

[+680] Old Chan, I have nothing against you flirting with mom of the century Cecilia Cheung, but Nicholas Tse was your brother back in the day. You’ve already done him wrong once, and doing this again, isn’t this too much?

[+630] I think everyone is too biased against him. Everyone can listen to his songs, he can absolutely rank in the top three for hip hop in China, and his lyrics say that he’s Chinese. His designs are also quite amazing, CLOT is something he founded, Levi’s also asked him to design. I recommend listening to “Running” when you run

[+512] I look forward to teacher Chen’s new works. i’m already sick of the old ones, something new this time!

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  • Nel

    isn’t he known as edison CHEN?

    • cpoplove

      Wow. I have no words. I suck, correcting immediately. Thank you!