Huang Xiaoming gives his employees “haze holiday”

ET Today: Huang Xiaoming gives employees “haze holiday”, netizens ask if he is hiring

Huang Xiaoming started his own studio in 2011, and his benefits have been hailed as the richest in the industry.
– His salary is higher than peers, and he gives employees free plane tickets home
– Haze has hit Beijing particularly hard in recent days and he gave the order for a “haze holiday” for all his employees

Beijing issued a red alert related to haze for the first time on Dec. 16, restricting the types of cars allowed on the road as well.
– Many companies changed the time in which the work day started or allowed employees to work remotely
– Huang Xiaoming’s studio posted on Weibo, “The haze is so much, but our sorrow is so little! That’s because our boss told us we’re going to have haze holiday!”
– Employees reacted with happy emoticons below the post

Huang Xiaoming had actually just visited a hospital in Taipei recently, with media saying that the couple intended on having their child in Taiwan.
– The studio then posted saying that, “Thank you for everyone’s concern, but it was an employee health check up that our bosses arranged for us. There are so many benefits in our company.”
– His three assistants were indeed photographed visiting the hospital as well

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