Kris Shen to host a Christmas party with Top Secret

ET Today: Kris Shen looks so good in a buzz cut! “Bang Bang Bang” gets the crowd riled up

Kris Shen got a buzz cut for a new drama and has completely changed his image.
– He appeared in New Taipei City on Dec. 16, but many didn’t recognize him
– After debuting in Korea over the summer, he’s become acquainted with Top Secret and played the role of a host during their visit to Taiwan

Kris Shen and Top Secret will be hosting a free Christmas party for a thousand people on Christmas.
– He will be singing his own songs as well as Jolin Tsai’s “Play”, May Day’s “Party Animal”, and Big Bang’s “Bang Bang Bang”
– Top Secret has prepared many gifts for friends, such as luggage, bluetooth microphones, and iPhone 7 Plus 128G

Top Secret appeared with new Taiwanese member Michael Chen during their visit.
– He won out after three months from 155 people as his clean cut visuals won him many fans

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