[Updated] Netizens react to Running Man cancellation next February

PTT: Running Man’s six members unite in departure! Last episode to air at the end of February!

T-netz react below:

“When they announced that the 19th would be the Tiger and Jihyo’s last day of filming, I hadn’t thought things would develop to this point. As a TV channel, they way they handled things was simply too poor.”

“Will they be playing old episodes of Running Man before they get the new plan in place?”

“This is what they should’ve done in the beginning. They should’ve sat everyone down for a chat when they had plans for a second season.”

‘Will it be that Running Man ends and the six still host the new show? This way, it’s not a slap in the face if Song Joongki comes back since it’s a new show. As for Gary, I don’t think he’ll take part in variety any time soon.”

“They can drag it out for another episode or two if they play unbroadcasted material.”

“Gary’s only going to appear on shows when he needs to promote his new songs. He may appear on Mudo.”

“Who’s going to be able to continue filming? Forcing the members to act in front of the camera just makes my heart ache. I looked on Wikipedia and saw that the current stockpile of episodes will run out on Christmas.”

“The senior management was idiotic enough to the point of making the MCs wipe their butts.”

“I wish SBS would hurry up and let go… = =”

“No shit, if I was a member I wouldn’t be able to keep filming either.”

“I feel like they’ll still try to push a Running Man season 2, but they’ll swap out everyone. After all, the name Running Man still has value to it. They just have to wait for public backlash to die down for a bit before doing it.”

“This kind of crisis management is so laughable.”

“I want to see what the SBS awards turn out to this year.”

“What’s going to happen to the fan meeting after all this has happened?”

“What else can we do about the fan meeting? Go wreck it? XDDD The senior management is king.”

“I think the fan meeting was a contract signed with SBS? So therefore they decide who comes? …will it be people from season two then?”

“And the it’s the PDs and VJs who come to the fan meeting…”

“If SBS knew a long time ago that they would be swapping out people but still wanted to earn money for the fan meeting, then SBS is truly scum. A lot of people wouldn’t go if they knew people were getting swapped out.”

“When Gary left a month ago, I felt that the show’s format would change, but I didn’t think they’d take such a hard tone… How would a decision of who’s getting fired be come to that easily. They’re already going to film the next season! This is the worst!”

“Why did they handle this so poorly? Do only interns work there?”

“Wuwuwuwuwuwuwu, give me back my 7012!”

A team so dumb there’s no hope for them.”

“If they continue filming, everyone’s expressions won’t be that good. They need to hold a meeting because of the pain and problems caused by SBS? Haven’t they already fired Jongkook and Jihyo? What the hell…

“Fans, 7012, and SBS all lose out. So the final winner is…?”

“Still filming to next Feb after being treated thus, this once again proves what Jongkook’s management company said, they poured their hearts into this show…”




QQ: Running Man officially stops broadcast? Korean media reveal that last episode will arrive in Jan

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+215] Without all seven, you might as well cancel broadcast as opposed to adding in new people. There’s at least three hundred or so episodes that will let us think back on it. It will become a classic

[+126] Even if they don’t stop broadcast, I’m not watching anymore. I’m only going to watch “Superman Returns” and “Law of the Jungle”

[+67] In my heat, there’s no difference between cancellation of the show and Jihyo, Jongkook, and Gary leaving. You can broadcast but I won’t be watching

[+45] My life can’t be parted with Running Man now. I haven’t felt good about this ever since Gary left. I could predict that Running Man didn’t have much time left to it, but hadn’t thought that it would come so quickly. Ever since Gary left, I suddenly started downloading every year’s Running Man from beginning to end. They’re all so precious. Even if there’s no more Running Man in the future, I think I’ll take them out and keep watching them. Running Man is seven people, I hope I can still see them often even when they don’t run in the future

[+43] Why are Mudu’s ratings so consistent? It’s still on air after so many years and all the MC changes don’t affect it, whereas RM can’t live if they don’t innovate

[+27] Cancel it if you’re going to get other people! Whether it’s drama or TV, when the cast changes, the entire tone changes

[+16] It’s good that it’s being stopped! So what about Hunan TV? How dare you broadcast it when the Korea ban is in effect, and also hire so many Koreans as well. It’s good that it’s done!



QQ: Running Man announces cancellation at the end of February, the end of an era in Korean variety

[+1,447] Hurry up and do the same for the Chinese version. They’re so fake when playing games

[+858] End it. This kind of ending is rather good, at least it won’t be destroyed by others

[+590] This was a show that I would always watch, what a pity. To be honest, I don’t like watching Chinese TV shows after watching Korean ones because Chinese TV shows have too much commercials, and they put too much post processing into the scenes. It feels too fake

[+450] Mudo is still the best! I like watching them interact with the general public

[+257] We say we support the Korean ban, but then we can’t give up Korean variety. I don’t understand this

[+242] They should take a break after seven years as well. Like Gary said he wanted to focus on his music, I wish all the members of Running Man have a more expansive stage

[+206] It truly is stuck in the mud. They don’t rip name tags now and there are no large scale events. There used to be episodes in the mud, overseas, and by the sea, but now they’re out of ideas. The guests aren’t that eye catching either. Sigh, what a pity

[+120] What a mess of things. They wanted to change up their image but the public didn’t accept it…

[+102] I’ve started watching since 2013 and only watch RM out of all Korean variety. I hope the crew give them a good ending. I bet we all break down in tears on the last day

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  • I’m so sad that it’s ending, I can’t even believe it…