Andy Lau speaks up supporting Luhan’s acting skills

Weibo: Sina’s Weibo

[Andy Lau supports Luhan: who thinks he acts poorly?] According to Taiwanese media, Luhan’s acting skills have been questioned by various netizens. Andy Lau greatly supports Luhan’s professionalism and turned his head to comfort him, “I lectured them yesterday for you.” Andy Lau also laughed that he was the same when he was young, often cursed at for being not knowing how to act. “I was described at knowing how to act only after I got old. It’s a good thing you (young people) appeared, that’s how I became a good actor.” He displayed his greatly humorous side and how he takes care of his juniors.



Netizens comment below:

[+17,670] Luhan’s acting skills are indeed quite good

[+15,508] Luhan’s acting skills are quite good, it’s just all subjective [摊手]

[+13,610] As a random passerby, I feel that Luhan’s acting skills are quite good after watching “The Great Wall” [摊手]. King Lau is so warm

[+10,988] Luhan’s acting skills are indeed quite good. There’s a realness to them and he has quite a few parts. It’s a process of growth and his personality is quite apparent. I recommend everyone discussing this later, you’ll be surprised

[+10,907] Luhan is an artist with visuals and abilities. Thank you senior Andy Lau[心][心]

[+9,750] Luhan is quite good…

[+9,622] I think Luhan’s acting skills are quite good [摊手]

[+7,115] I like Luhan! Luhan is the best! [心][心][心]

[+6,946] Ignore the haters, haters think no one’s acting skills are good [微笑] I like Luhan[心][心][心]

[+6,785] Luhan’s acting skills are apparent and quite good. Debate me if you don’t agree

[+6,760] Luhan did quite well in “The Great Wall”. A cute small soldier, but that look when he died was [good][good][good] His acting skills are [赞][赞][赞]

[+5,548] Luhan is great. He’s a good person and cute. Love him

[+5,366] I think this little fellow is quite good

[+5,019] Eh? Is that so? But I’ve seen a lot of movie reviews who were stunned by his last look

[+2,454] Sina really knows how to play with words. The media didn’t suspect Luhan at all. Andy Lau’s support is only referencing that Luhan’s acting skills in “The Great Wall” was well received. You spent a lot of effort in putting this misleading post together

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  • Nel


  • Barabessa

    yep he is so good in the great wall he is acting better and better in every film i’m so proud

  • Elizabeth

    he is a good actor