Fan Bingbing shows off beautiful sights after wrapping up work

Weibo: Fan Bingbing’s Weibo


Netizens comment below:

[+10,226] You photoshopped so much that the door become crooked.

[+3,622] Fan Bingbing is so pretty, when are you coming to the airport?

[+2,932] Those who look pretty all hit like [哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈]

[+2,845] To Fan Bingbing  

[+1,525] Are the people who hit like for Fan Bingbing now all like this?

[+1,485] So much photoshop that the background became distorted [摊手]

[+615] Grid of nine selfies, what a happy weekend

[+582] Too much photoshop for this face, does no one else think so?

[+515] Is it really that no one hates her? she only knows how to media play everyday

[+442] Your grid skills need to improve! I blew up the second photo and looked at it many times but didn’t discover anything…

[+284] The eighth picture is simply [haha][haha][haha][haha][haha] Beauty beyond words!

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