Shen Mengchen sent home from “It Takes a Real Man 2” for interfering with Sun Yang

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‘It Takes a Real Man 2’ held elimination rounds last night and one person was due to be eliminated. Shen Mengchen didn’t want Tong Liya to be eliminated and started interfering with her own teammate Sun Yang. Shen Mengchen was the one eliminated (and sent home) in the end because of her fouls. She is so sly, why is fair competition so bad? Why must she put on such a show of agony and make everything awkward? Judging from her posture, it rather looks like someone’s going to die. Everyone finally built up some relationships in the past couple of episodes and now it’s all gone again.


Netizens weigh in below:

[+18,207] I want to give her a slap across the face [微笑]

[+16,476] I feel so bad for Sun Yang, he must be feeling so bad. I don’t know what’s wrong with her brain

[+16,348] Production crew: If you don’t want her to leave that badly, then you leave

[+15,749] Sabotaging your teammate and you dare say it’s sacrifice, this is betrayal in war! From another angle, if you let someone with bad scores fly, are you helping her or sabotaging her? Even if it’s a game, are you insulting her or what to help her so obviously? To be honest, there was nothing touching about this. You only touched yourself and disgusted everyone else

[+9,590] After watching ‘It Takes A Real Man 2’, my biggest feeling is that Sun Yang is so warm. He wasn’t angry even when wearing 60 jin on him and being dragged down by Shen Mengchen. Boyfriend power to the max, he kept comforting her

[+9,251] I felt so awkward watching that. This woman just wants to be hated on

[+9,297] Tong Liya was probably the angriest, she was likely thinking, “I can damn well afford to lose, stop throwing away face for me”

[+9,020] When I saw Sun Yang sprinting towards the finish line with all his energy when bearing equipment, a plane, two tires, six bodies, and Shen Mengchen’s body weight, my heart was in so much pain [泪][泪] As an athlete in the field of competition, trying your hardest is the greatest respect to your opponent. As a soldier, not forgetting your mission is protecting your country. [good][good] I can understand Shen Mengchen’s actions but I can never forgive her

[+8,671] The rules were given that the two groups were enemies. Shen Mengchen’s actions were, “I have good relations with the enemy but my teammate is too strong. I’m afraid the enemy will die in a second from my teammate, so what to do? Then let’s kill my teammate first.”

[+6,362] “I’ll go, just let me finish the race.” Like him! Our great defender[心]

[+6,014] I really feel bad for Sun Yang, do you know the feeling? He cried at the Olympics!

[+5,120] They didn’t need to go home even if they were eliminated, but now she’s sent herself home

[+5,097] Things are so awkward now after her actions [摊手][摊手]

[+4,908] This was probably the first time that Sun Yang was being prevented from winning number one

[+4,702] I really don’t like to see people letting others win in competitions like these. It makes things very awkward. In China’s Running Man, the ladies all win because the men let them. In Korea’s, Jihyo wins purely because of her talents

[+4,589] If I were Sun Yang, my most immediate reaction would be to turn around and kick her

[+2,702] How disgusting

[+2,129] Did she think about how Sun Yang would feel after doing this? She’s making him out to be a villain, what low IQ


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